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Walking Dead Review 18 Oct 2015

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In a small introductory flashback, likely to initiate a continuing storyline, Enid is seen eating a raw turtle that must have recently devoured a whole chicken because Enid pulls the fowl bones from the bloody reptile shell and places them in a JSS pattern, (Just Survive Somehow).

But the main story concerns Alexandria being stormed by wolves! Crazy people, burnished with a ‘W’ on their foreheads, break into Alexandria, spreading their version of hope and change by stabbing, chopping, clubbing, and liberally slicing up every defenseless citizen they find. The claxon from the last episode turns out to be the blaring horn of an attacking eighteen wheeler Spencer sprayed with bullets from his position in the church tower. The truck crashes into a wall and the dead driver falls on the horn switch.

The excitement is intensified by watching Carol and Morgan save Alexandria.

Carol disguises herself as a wolf and wades into the attackers, firing her pistol with precision. She offers no mercy.

Morgan beats them off with a stick. Unlike Carol, he lets some escape with a warning, “Don’t come back.”

By the time Rick and company return, Carol will have a casserole ready to serve, but Alexandria will have fewer citizens left to eat.


Written by poyhonen

October 19, 2015 at 1:51 pm

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