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Senator Hubris Staff Meeting & Discussions Concerning the DOJ

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Senator Hubris plopped into a padded chair situated at the head of a table lined with sycophant staff members and immediately reached into the basket of croissants placed in front of him.

“Any good news this morning?” he asked around a mouthful of pastry.

“Well, we got the attorney general on the run,” one excited staff member piped enthusiastically.

“I called our press operatives to make sure they report his guilt,” press secretary Bob smiled in satisfaction.

“Is he?” Hubris asked while eyeing the basket.

“Doesn’t matter,” another staff member reported, “he’s guilty until proven innocent.”

“Technically,” Bob hesitated, “he’s completely innocent but we have the media on our side as well as many members of congress eager to play along. Our delays at cabinet membership changes have successfully kept the DOJ populated with our hirelings and they have orders to assure his guilt. We even have support from across the aisle.”

“Support?” Hubris grabbed another croissant.

“Yeah,” an older staff member cleared his throat before continuing, “They knew there was nothing and were very willing to support an investigation of nothing – but we trapped them with this new accusation and now we can hoist them on their own petard, so to speak.”

“Excellent,” Hubris beamed at his brilliant group of cohorts.

“What about research, Sally?” Hubris pointed at the only woman on his staff. “Have we got anything else?”

“We…ll,” Sally hedged by shuffling her papers, “We have a connection where his plane was on the tarmac of an airport at the same time as a passenger plane carrying two foreign ambassadors.”

“Of course!” Hubris pounded the table, “We can accuse him of a clandestine meeting.”

Sally shook her head slowly, “Not sure if we want to link planes on tarmacs with attorney generals and secret meetings. The ice may be a bit thin in that arena.”

“I know what you are inferring,” Bob remonstrated, “and our media minimized the reports on those meetings with our DOJ and besides – the constituents have already forgotten the incident.”

“What about the fact,” an exuberant member repeated himself, “the Fact, I say – that the new AG ate at a restaurant that had immigrant servers with visas originating from the country in question.”

“Huh?” Hubris joined several staff members looks of incredulity.

“Meetings with foreign waiters,” the young man continued, “cunningly made to look innocent but when we question him…”

“Ah…, Did you ever direct orders to foreign nationals during the campaign?” Hubris’ smiled like a Cheshire cat in a Disney movie.

“He’s bound to say no,” Bob leaned back in his chair and dreamily looked at the ceiling.

“Did you accept bribes from foreigners…?”

“A refill of his coffee cup,” Sally chuckled.

“Did you give money?”

“Tipped the waiter, no doubt,” Hubris amazed his staff at being the only person they knew who could sneer in delight.

“I’m really glad we can feed the media with accusations that will drown out that last speech,” Bob pursed his lips in satisfaction.

“Yeah – I was afraid we would have to live with that for over a week,” Hubris agreed.

“I also have some leaks programmed to reinstitute the race factor,” Bob’s assistant finally joined the conversation. “This idea of bringing jobs to the inner city is definitely a racist act.”

“There is a danger in allowing people to get jobs and education beyond our control,” Sally offered some analysis. “Minorities with jobs can move out of the generous havens we provide. They could even buy books and begin reading unsanctioned treatises that talk about humanity, history, and character. We really need to keep people unemployed and dependent. Think of the consequences if all our constituents uncovered the truth. We need to control the minorities and make the others feel guilty. Our power depends on it.”

The entire staff nodded in agreement, save one.

“Huh?” the original speaker remonstrated, “I can tell you as a community organizer that we OWN the inner cities.”

Bob frowned, “I wouldn’t put it quite that way,” he murmured.

“We only control the food, housing, and education,” Hubris instructed. “This administration will never get by our years of academic indoctrination and control of the media.”

“To your credit Alphonse,” Bob turned to his assistant, “we only own the social media and teachers union. We always tell the people they are free to choose among the choices we provide.”

“Well, if you want a riot, Alphonse looked chagrined, “I can get you one.”

“Thanks Alphonse,” Hubris tried to lighten the moment. “You have done an excellent job in the past and rest assured we will call upon you and your peculiar talents quite often in the near future. By the way – I had the bank funnel millions of dollars of ‘penalties’ largess into your social justice organization.”

“Is that legal?” Sally questioned.

“Of course,” Hubris quickly replied. “The funds are a penalty and we put into law a provision to allow penalties to be placed into a slush fund of ‘our’ choosing instead of returning funds to customers who were ripped off by banks and other institutions. You see, it’s not a tax and involves no tax payer monies. It’s even a legal tax deduction for those involved. No political financial constraints or ethics overhead and the only people losing money are those people who were not compensated for being ripped off. And they will never know.” Hubris chuckled before continuing, “We can fund all sorts of organizations and community events, including Alphonse’s group.”

“Thank you, sir,” Alphonse twitched his head side to side in nervous enjoyment, “the demonstrators’ wages have been rising along with the violence requirements.”

“Well it seems our people in the DOJ still have control so is there any other new business?”

The staff became quiet until Hubris directed a question to a small man seated at the far side of the table, “Harry – what about the huge history book that I am writing? Have you finished it yet? Might have to make it into two books with all that stuff I gave you, eh?”

Harry stuttered, “I wrote exactly what you told me but the fact checkers have questioned most of the content.”

“How many pages have I written so far?” Hubris pressed.

“Only ten pages are left but that includes the table of contents which looks like we may be losing another page,” Harry looked down at the table in shame.

“Fire those checkers and put back that content,” Hubris huffed. “What have you got for the back cover dialogue?”

“Its gluten free,” Harry replied, thankful he had something positive to report.


Why do I Like Trump

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Why do I Like Trump

Better question might be why should anyone like Trump? I am not happy about his thin skinned rhetoric railing against anyone who may disagree with him because the manner of his railing seems whiny and egocentric. The establishment news people and political party pundits obviously don’t like him. News media and ‘savvy’ analysts usually, sometimes subtly, (FOX news might be an example), define him in a negative manner.
Has anyone noticed the news reports put out by our established agencies and news media? Does the everyday citizen know or care about what is happening in America? A clear majority of voters seem to have very little concern about the running of their country. Democrats and Republicans look very much the same to me. They both spend trillions of dollars the country does not have. The country’s debt is rising every day and I find it incredible that some are still blaming the tax cuts of Bush as one leading cause. Tax cuts? Doesn’t everyone realize that excessive government spending creates more government debt? We can complain about ineffectual wars, TSA costs, bailouts, and government contractors, agencies, and handouts spent to buy votes but both parties have supported all of these programs. The divisive culture of our current administration adds to the debt by extolling a punishing regimen of ineptly fashioned ‘social justice’ programs. This administration has doubled the national debt under the watchful eyes and acquiescence of both parties.
Hillary? There are a plethora of books and movies describing, in detail, Clinton ethical abuses, misconducts, and lies. Most have forgotten that her husband was impeached. Yet the DNC elevates such a person to be a qualified candidate. They do this with the support of most news agencies and the quiet acceptance of the RNC.
Enter Trump. Almost everyone in the Washington establishment, (Washington Cartel is a term coined by Cruz), are upset with his candidacy. That alone is a huge reason to consider him as a potential president. So far, it appears that he has not been bought by the controlling political elite. Any other candidate can be, (will be), corrupted at some level by money because our political system is ruled by expensive ad campaigns.
Not all corruption is clearly visible. Ideologue’s scurrying for power and control are just as corrupt as paid shills. Imagine a justice department that follows the rule of law. That alone would put a nervous fear into the hearts of the Washington Cartel. The IRS subject to laws? Subpoenas that must actually be obeyed? Senators and Congressmen subject to the same rules as citizens? It may be possible with Trump. Honest, ethical leadership will not be possible with any DNC candidate. The RNC supports the status quo, regardless of what they promise. (Check out the last few years to validate that statement).
Yes, I am cynical but I believe my cynicism is based upon historical facts. I like Trump because he is not linked to the Washington Cartel, beloved by the progressive news media, enjoyed by socialist panderers, or supported by politically correct educators whose theories and anti-American rhetoric tend to destroy the education and growth of civilization.
My choice seems binary – more of the same, or Trump. In that light, Trump is not a risk.
Everyone else is.