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It is sad and frustrating to see so many suffering from Relitls syndrome and not being capable of offering some relief to the mob mentality embracing groupthink.

Many enjoy bathing in hypocrisy. Looking in a mirror only serves to augment the echo chamber of hatred relished and preached by the indoctrinated. The reflection of obvious misinformation fertilizes calumny and creates a quagmire that spawns creative fanatics to spew evermore-malicious propaganda.

The mob condemns truth and decries all opposing views. Their minions label all disagreements as lies, while simultaneously painting themselves with deception. They offer violence and physical confrontation to any who might propose an alternative to hate.

Political sycophants believe everyone should accept their offerings of destruction. They willingly wear the chains offered by ideologues who only desire prestige and power. Blinded by rage and inspired by gossip, the mob chooses to support the ascendancy of deceivers.

Our mob examines past dictators and proclaims, “That could never happen here,” all the while supporting its creation.

They are missing an opportunity to remove corruption from a political system controlled by money. They empower a justice system ruled by overlords who are above the laws they enforce upon citizens duped into placing an elitist society of prevaricators into power.

Telling the indoctrinated to read history only insults them as they retreat into a group think echo chamber where fanatics disparage free thought. Suggesting they make an effort to think is met with hateful condemnation as their leaders graciously provide all thinking and subjugate their subjects using the propaganda of hostility, prejudice, and smug superiority. One can only watch the brainwashed throng behave like hooked fish, who accept the bait for dinner without knowing they comprise the banquet.


Democrat’s Against Our Republic

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I am neither a Democrat nor Republican but I cannot vote for any Democrat today.

Some time, in our past, Democrats lynched people based on color and some Republicans, a new party, loudly protested.  No Democrats spoke up against the atrocities perpetuated against other human beings.  Their silent abandonment of ethics and compassion resulted in the costliest conflict of our history, (in terms of lives lost).  Democrats chose to divide the country.

Today, criminals destroy subpoenaed information lawfully requested by elected officials, and the Democrats are again silent.  Their silence condones the illegal acts of prominent … Democrats.  Democrats are campaigning to divide our nation.  They support the inequality of the elite where the laws of our country are not applicable to themselves or privileged followers.  The elites seek to own the rules.  They purchase justice on a block at auction to the highest bidder.  Yes, there are republicans who make purchases as well but some … perhaps too few, speak out against the atrocities performed against each citizen, while the Democrat politicians offer only silence.  The spreading of false information, deceptive innuendos, preposterous accusations and allegations, are all silently approved by the applause of Democrat crickets in some distant forest.   A divisive coup acquires billions of stolen taxpayer dollars, used to line the wealth of corrupt politicians, but again, there is no outrage from the Democrats – only silence.  Their outrage and uproar are only expended as an investment in divisive rhetoric, often promulgated on lies, misinformation, and deceptive propaganda.

So, are the Republicans so much better, one may ask?  A few have spoken out.   At least some Republicans are against fascism.  Democrats endorse the State control of every citizen and business, yet proclaim themselves, anti-fascists.  They surreptitiously endorse fascists by their silence in opposing such doctrine.  Some Republicans have decried the lawlessness of Democrats but the Democrat response is to rewrite our constitution while disobeying the laws of our land.

The high moral ground, illegitimately proclaimed by Democrats, has appealed to many indoctrinated voters who accept the lies and false history told by our mainstream news organizations, national media, academics, and politicians.  In many cases, citizens are completely brainwashed into believing the concept of individual freedom, endorsed by some Republicans, is a bad ideal for our country.  Such people are silent when a Democrat lies under oath.  They condone the dissemination of false information.  They abhor honest discourse and free speech.  They have never read or understood, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, or Animal Farm, by George Orwell.  They will vote for the Democrat inspired destruction of our nation.

I will only vote to preserve the Union.

Hate and Media

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Cigarette commercials are banned from television. Drinking alcohol products is not allowed in TV commercials. Why?
Advertisements lead consumers to use a product. Ads convince people to purchase products. Cigarettes and alcohol are not condoned because ads will lead people to employ and enjoy the products. So – advertising some products is strictly controlled.
But hate is available 24/7. Hate is disseminated in our social media. Hate is broadcast in the news. Hate is briefed in academia. Hate is broadcast by politicians. Hate is also condoned, supported, and preached in our media.
Even worse, much of the hate is created by lies, propaganda, and a constant barrage of derisive division meant to inspire class warfare. Hate mongers, provocateurs, and the dishonest purveyors of news often falsify history. Misinformation constantly appears in social media. And amazingly, people wonder why violence occurs. Violence possibly instigated by the constant stream of dishonest hatred ‘advertised’ every day. The mob absorbs and believes this hateful stream. They don’t read. They only think what ‘advertisements’ tell them to think. They become the indoctrinated.
Will the mob target me, (and you), for not wanting to hate?

Term Limits

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Limiting the number of elected terms for Federal representatives seems like a good method of removing long kept public servants who longer serve the public or, in some cases, never served the public.   But who picks the candidates who run for elections to replace the existing congressman or senator?  Limiting the number of terms for any elected representative does not guarantee the replacement will be any different than the existing representative.  Yes, committee controls may be affected but the new candidate could be another denizen of the swamp who will grow to accomplish the same results of the ‘old’ creature who now retires to a lucrative ‘post’ service lobbying position.  My thinking is the concept of term limits is to replace  ‘poor’ representation with an individual willing to perform actual service for his/her constituency.  To be more clear, voters need the ability to select the candidates in order to avoid replacing one miscreant with another shill provided and sold by a party seeking power, not service.

Another point argued by those against term limits is the inception of bureaucratic amateurs replacing seasoned professionals.  This argument may seem specious on the surface but there do exist some honest bureaucrats who are not corrupt, (don’t ask me to provide names).  California has state term limits and the resulting chaos is available for the review of interested people.

Term limits sounds good on the surface but our election process; controlled by campaign money, disinformation, negative propaganda, and a corrupt academia supported by an even more corrupt media needs further analysis in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over while seeking different results.

The Election in Terms of Two Candidates

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Well, what/who do you really believe?

If you believe the candidates description of themselves – they are both wonderful.

If you believe the candidates description of each other – they are both despicable.

Most news agencies agree with Hillary’s description of Trump.

The FBI, however, agrees with Trump’s description of Hillary.

Our media generally describes Trump as being a racist, sociopath, misogynist, who hates Muslims, Mexicans, and free speech.  They even printed front page stories about women being mistreated by the billionaire. Unfortunately, the stories were debunked by the very women described in the interviews.  Their rebuttal was largely ignored.

The media reported that Trump didn’t pay his taxes but that was also not true.  The IRS, proven to be corrupt and prejudiced, would definitely go after any conservative who didn’t pay taxes.  The liberal led IRS minions even go after conservative groups based on conservative identification but there are no tax fraud charges against Trump. He must have obeyed the rules – something not mentioned by Hillary’s legions too busy making ad hominem attacks to be concerned with details and platform descriptions that provide an antithesis to their reporting.

It may be difficult to understand how trying to establish jobs and education for inner city citizens and immigrants is considered to be racist by the media and other Hillary supporters, because any Trump proposal to improve economic growth for all Americans is also largely ignored by the media.  Ignored unless they call him a racist for having a willingness to compete with Mexico and China for manufacturing and exports based upon fair trade practices.

Trump’s hatred and despicable attitude for women is surely represented by his campaign organizer who is, allegedly, a woman.  People are expected to believe she runs the campaign for a woman hater.  Her views of him defy the mainstream news by agreeing with the views of other women, the first woman to build a skyscraper, employees, and of course, the women that rebuked the NYT article describing how he mistreated them.  Still other women have come forward to claim his misconduct. Claims of payment from Hillary advocates for the timing of their oddly opportune accusations are being investigated.

In an election cycle where platforms and past accomplishments of one candidate cannot be addressed without embarrassment, only character assassination can be employed in order to convince voters that the opposing individual should not be elected.  Honesty has been abandoned in this arena.  The media supports Hillary’s misleading statements as true, her dishonest facts as being verifiable, and her distortions as benevolent revelations.  The FBI has publicly testified against many of her prior statements but her lies are still described as honest by liberal agenda driven pundits and media.

Nevertheless, Trump hardly portrays a statesman.  He mouths ‘off the cuff’ proclamations, often making inane statements and embellishments that are contrary to specific details and offering fodder to his enemies who really do understand the gist of his spurious comments but pretend dismay and offer the worst possible interpretation.  He very obviously is not a polished politician and too often blurts out his honest feelings in public venues. He has done so in a manner that can be taken out of context and used against him as propaganda by his opponents.

His opponents are everywhere.  DNC, Republicans, news media, and liberal school educators all decry his candidacy.  They teach divisive hate and the DNC has even hired people to inspire violence at Trump rallies.  Hillary audaciously accused Trump of inciting and encouraging violence at rallies when she knew her minions had hired the protesters directed to incite violent acts.  They even bragged about closing a Chicago Trump rally.  The media pays scant attention to distributing such information. Knowledgeable voters may not support their chosen candidate so a plethora of negative attention is reported against Trump while Hillary enjoys myriad reports that demean her opponent, his supporters, and potential voters.  She describes them all as racist ‘deplorables’.

Trump, in turn, responds aggressively against the disparaging charges of racism and misogyny.  His inexperience shows in his being actually angry at all the lies being told and supported by a corrupt media.  The left wing strategy of dividing voters by sex and race, popular and successful for years, seems irksome and surprising to him.  It seems like he almost expected an honest discussion of platforms and solutions to problems caused by current and prior politicians.  He even promised to ‘Drain the Swamp’ of Washington D.C government corruption.  With an ego about the size of the Atlantic, he may certainly try but our congress will become inspired to grow a spine in self defense of their hierarchy in the swamp.  There will be no emperor Trump but he may yet succeed at improving our economy, education, health, while ensuring a semblance of world peace.  This has yet to be determined as it seems fairly obvious that the swamp dwellers do not yearn to support his goals.  Besides, he would have to win a ‘rigged’ election.

Trump has been married three times and he has admitted to saying some nasty words.  He has had some failures in business and has been involved in many suits.  Business fiascos can be explained by a depressed economy and suits are rampant in public buildings where a slip on ice or debt on a gambling bill can result in a lawsuit. He, obviously, has had more successes than failures.  His family does him credit but none of them demand the level of payment for speaking fees that have been rewarded to the Clintons in return for ‘favors’ supplied by the American government.

Hillary reminds one of the Boy Who Cried Wolf story – How would anyone know if she is telling the truth?  Her supporting media lowers the value of all public information.  The corrupted Department of Justice manages to retain Hillary as a viable candidate even when the facts display actions that can easily and appropriately be described as criminal.  Most of these comments can be verified by viewing short videos and longer articles.  Perform succinct searches on topics and review sources outside of areas you normally address.  Confirm the veracity of these statements to your own satisfaction.

So – believe ABC, CNN, NYT, Huffington Post, NBC, et al – or the FBI, but if you don’t know what the platforms are or what is at stake for the future of your republic, please refrain from voting.  Our system has plenty of flaws but ignorance in the voting booth can only be individually conquered.

Is the Moral Spine of America Broken?

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A perusal of information on the internet reveals a mountain of hate disguised as news, history, and current events. Unchecked misinformation runs rampant across our social media but viewers and readers alike seem to accept deceit as a tolerable manner of discourse. Many lies go unchallenged and the perpetrators continue to espouse dishonest accusations, false histories, and libelous claims without having to worry about any repercussion. People vehemently apply a vitriolic hatred against any disagreeable point of view, regardless of its veracity. Is the moral spine of America broken? Are lies, spin, and prevarication acceptable because a majority of people no longer have a moral background that would impede using deception to achieve a selfish objective? Has the ‘Ends Justify the Means’ developed into our new code of ethics?

News media has always had a large impact upon American thought, especially in politics and cultural morals. (For example; Hearst promised to support a MacArthur presidential run and albeit guaranteed him the presidency – but the General refused). This promise could be proffered because most people had a high confidence of newspaper’s reporting. The number of news competitors, however, curtailed fabrications or at least attempted a balance of stories by offering differing points of view. Yellow journalism, a term used by a New York Press newspaper editor to describe and decry the dishonest journalism of Hearst and Pulitzer’s papers, eventually exposed dishonest reporting. Competitive sources allowed readers to eventually determine misinformation and they responded by banishing blatant fraudulence to the garbage. Competition allowed news agencies to regulate themselves by establishing an ethical journalistic practice and gaining readers by gleefully attacking corrupt purveyors of information.

Such is not the case today. Competitors are available but the people willing to expend the effort in reading and analysis have insufficient time and energy to verify the accuracy of most news reports, blog entries, or a search provider’s return of information. Hate and vitriolic attack has replaced analysis and thoughtful discussion. Lies are vehemently defended as truth while misinformation is often regarded as acceptable spin. What is morally right depends on the meaning of ‘is’.

Why I Can’t be a Republican

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Democrats have labeled every Republican presidential candidate as being a racist for over half a century. Within the last decade, Democrat pundits have also accused each candidate as being fascist, often comparing any Republican aspirant to Hitler. They insist that republicans hate all women and this indictment has no regard for a candidate’s race, sex, religion, or affiliation with any style of government beyond a planet polluting oligarchy. There are no exceptions; even minority Republican candidates are labeled as being racist. One must also conclude, by Democrat accusations, that anyone voting for a Republican is also a racist, woman hating, fascist loving cretin who enjoys polluting our planet. Republican voters must be busy raising little racists at home who are obviously taught to hate the planet and, if they are male children, they must also learn to hate their mothers. Decades of this vitriol have been accented and supported by Democrat politicians, public school teachers, academia, and media.

My love of truth and honest discourse is antithetical to being a Democrat but neither can I support Republicans who have allowed such an inane discourse to flourish by ignoring or, in some cases, abandoning potential constituents in favor of political expedience. Their acceptance of the Democrat’s successful misleading of the public through false information and advertising has left a large number of our populace drowning in propaganda, misinformation, and a dishonest rewriting of history.

Now is a good time to frequent libraries and hoard old books before they are completely replaced by an internet where honesty is difficult to ascertain amongst the many agenda driven pundits dumping propaganda and polluting the mainstream of information.

Written by poyhonen

May 9, 2016 at 7:34 pm