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Senator Hubris Attends a Meeting of Elites

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Two armed guards waved Senator Hubris into the interior of the tall office building after ensuring he traveled without any electronic gear. One directed him around a winding hallway and opened a door labeled, Janitorial Supplies.

Hubris stood at the opening and stared at the guard, “What do you want here?” he asked.

“It’s an elevator,” the guard smiled, pulling a black bag from a pocket. “You have to wear this.”

“If this is an elevator why do I need the blindfold?” Hubris demanded.

“I dunno,” the burly guard shook his head. “I guess they don’t want you to see how far down you are going.”

“I’ve had a lot of experience, but this is the first time I’ve been here,” Hubris pulled the bag over his head and entered the closet.

“The first time is always memorable, Senator. When the room stops, exit left. You will find an open door to your conference room.”

Hubris left the room after hearing the whoosh of the supply door automatically open. He stumbled left, keeping his hand on the wall, and fortunately removed the bag just before falling down a steep stairway leading to a door. The sound of familiar voices encouraged him down the stairs and into the room. The concrete door robotically closed behind him with a rattle and click of locks.

“Welcome, Senator!” a group of people greeted him with smiles. Hubris recognized fellow politicians, several prominent newscasters, but most of the standing crowd consisted of strangers.

“Hi?” Hubris smiled back with an extended hand.

“Oh, no names here,” a stranger advised. “We only use titles and pseudonyms. Have a seat Senator. Our meeting will start now. I am the Director.”

The familiar looking Director pointed Hubris to a seat located midway along a long conference table.

“Our meetings are informal,” the director stood at one end of the slab. “If you have something to say, just speak up and be polite. Do you have any questions before we begin, Senator?”

Two men and a women shook their heads, but Hubris wondered aloud, “I felt some jerking in the elevator before I got off. It was as if I took some kind of carnival ride, where are we, anyway?”

“We are at the lowest level of our party affiliate’s conferences,” the director answered seriously. “This is the top of our hierarchy and the pinnacle meeting place for our members.”

“Pedophiles meet in locations way above this place,” a helpful woman offered an explanation.

“This room isn’t that far beneath them,” a frowning man opined.

“So it’s a classified location,” Hubris huffed understanding. “Will … She … be coming?”

“No, no,” the director shook his head, “only people capable of ‘pushing the spear,’ so to speak, are invited to these gatherings. The leading politicians controlling the transformation are advised by our efforts but only attend by proxy.”

“They are meeting above this location and have a prior commitment,” a woman on the other side of the table winked while raising a small rag doll from her lap.”

“Let’s get to business, then,” the Director spoke with authority. “We are here to discuss the disparagement of the President.”

“I do that every day,” Hubris mumbled.

“We do too …,” two news figures agreed. A murmuring of agreement reverberated in the room. Hubris was surprised at how his quiet mumble echoed in the specially designed chamber.

“We need more imagination, dammit,” the director took a seat and glared at the members.

“We are paying hundreds of investigators …” a news figure began.

“We don’t need actual facts!” a stout man interrupted her. “We make up facts and report them with alacrity.”

“Yeah, pull your head out,” a thin older man, who appeared to be napping, suddenly became vibrant. His beady eyes flayed the news celebrity.

“I can safely report he absolutely shit himself!” a member offered.  The room quietly focused on his words.

“Furthermore, you can report he made a woman clean up his mess.”

“That sounds delightful!” the celebrity clapped.

“Do you have a time period for this activity?”

“Can we create reliable witnesses?”

“This is even better than watching other people urinate!”


“Well …,” the man hedged. “This would have occurred about seventy-two years ago. Most of the antecedents involved are dead.”

“Still works. I can produce a diary,” a well-groomed man nodded.

“It is a very believable accusation,” a woman responded. “It sounds even better than grabbing body parts.”

“I could produce a recording of the act in progress,” another man offered.

“Yeah, much better than the private bus recording,” the man sitting next to Hubris spoke. “What kind of real man would ever touch a woman there?”

“My father wouldn’t do it!” another member offered his agreement.

“It’s not so bad,” a balding man replied, “I do it all the time.”

“Shit, you’re a gynecologist,” the Director shook his head.

“Yeah, you get paid to do it,” a celebrity added.

A news celebrity looked confused and pointed at the doctor, “Why does he hate women?”

“You are thinking of a misogynist,” the doll-woman educated him. “Misogynists hate women, gynecologists inspect them.”

“Oh,” the news anchorman sat back, retaining his perplexed visage.

“Do we have time to make sure the internet search engines return our articles and ignore opposing dissertations and actual facts?” the director made a general inquiry to the group.

“No problem,” a member piped, “We have an algorithm already built. We use it all the time. Most people never find opposing information.”

“Paying off the fact checkers is becoming expensive,” the older man made an observation. “Also, some of our university propagandists are wanting more power and money.”

“Ha, if they stop playing along now their hypocrisy will be openly demonstrated,” Hubris enjoined. “They have no choice.”

The older man shook his head and rubbed his chin, “They have no problems with being exposed as hypocrites. They have been dissemblers for decades and still inculcate students with our misinformation. They know they serve as the first line of indoctrination and want a more aristocratic status. We need them to keep millennials uninformed, and they know it. I find their greed admirable.”

“We have already raised the costs of schooling,” a woman responded. “The debt of indoctrination is about as high as we can expect.”

“You mean education, don’t you?” the news anchor asked.

“The same thing,” came the response. “Employers already require a degree to operate a copy machine. If we demand more, it may become obvious.”

The entire room laughed for several minutes.

“Our advice will be to raise the rates and give our teachers another raise,” the Director made a statement of finality. The room nodded agreement.

“We could request additional instructions endorsing more aggressive actions to opposing ideas in the Universities,” Hubris suggested.

“Good idea!” a man agreed, “More violence will justify the building of more safe places and crying rooms.”

“More info is coming out, and we need accusations to offset the exposure of activities performed by our FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ members. We need more interruptions to the news cycle.”

“Persecution of North Korea leadership might work.”

“How dare our President try to dictate how a leader defends his country.”

“Good idea!”

“Well, we do like their model of control.”

“We are trying to duplicate the North Korea example, but we are a long way from success.”

“Damn gun owners.”

The old man smiled with his lips, “We are closer than you think.”

“Let’s go with defending North Korea,” the comment received nods around the table.

“If the president succeeds at negotiating peace, we can disparage capitalism and colonialism and define them as mitigating factors.”

“Yeah, win-win, no matter how it goes.”

“OK,” the Director summed up the meeting, “We’ve got defending North Korea, with higher indoctrination costs, and shitty pants­–anything else?”

“Let’s demand the elimination of prisons,” a woman suggested. “We can directly oppose and ridicule the Presidents illegitimate desire for law and order.”

“Prisons separate children from their parents.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen my father in years,” the news anchor nodded his appreciation of the scheme.

“We need to protect the children and the destruction of families caused by the racist, homophobic, misogynist, fascists who put fathers in jails. We should eliminate prisons and jails. Freeing all those poor fathers falsely accused of harming the white public will garner lots of votes.”

I only have one question concerning this delightful concept,” a younger member raised his hand.

“Yes,” the director waited for the question.

“If we delete the prisons, where will we put all the conservatives after we take power?”

“You haven’t seen the details of the North Korea example, have you?” the Director provided a rhetorical response.

The meeting ended with a unanimous endorsement of the four suggestions.


Written by poyhonen

June 19, 2018 at 6:31 pm

Term Limits

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Limiting the number of elected terms for Federal representatives seems like a good method of removing long kept public servants who longer serve the public or, in some cases, never served the public.   But who picks the candidates who run for elections to replace the existing congressman or senator?  Limiting the number of terms for any elected representative does not guarantee the replacement will be any different than the existing representative.  Yes, committee controls may be affected but the new candidate could be another denizen of the swamp who will grow to accomplish the same results of the ‘old’ creature who now retires to a lucrative ‘post’ service lobbying position.  My thinking is the concept of term limits is to replace  ‘poor’ representation with an individual willing to perform actual service for his/her constituency.  To be more clear, voters need the ability to select the candidates in order to avoid replacing one miscreant with another shill provided and sold by a party seeking power, not service.

Another point argued by those against term limits is the inception of bureaucratic amateurs replacing seasoned professionals.  This argument may seem specious on the surface but there do exist some honest bureaucrats who are not corrupt, (don’t ask me to provide names).  California has state term limits and the resulting chaos is available for the review of interested people.

Term limits sounds good on the surface but our election process; controlled by campaign money, disinformation, negative propaganda, and a corrupt academia supported by an even more corrupt media needs further analysis in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over while seeking different results.