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Why do many politicians promise the world but fail to deliver on the pledges made during their campaign?

The answer is Money.

If that seems too easy an answer, consider the amount of money required to make advertisements, commercials, mail brochures, and pay staff costs, not to exclude the expenses of travel just to campaign across an election domain. Where does all that funding come from? People and businesses provide money, paying politicians to prioritize their interests. The amounts input by individual voters are insufficient to fund an election or reelection. Interested parties provide the funds used to support the election of our politicians. Where billions of dollars purchase the top politician, significantly less is required for lower level members. Most politicians are not wealthy enough to fund themselves and remain incorruptible.

Are they all so corrupt? No, but our system is exploitive, and elections are unavailable to anyone not sufficiently funded.

The government assigns committees and staffs them with your elected Senators and Congressmen. Committees oversee our government bureaucracy. Committees accomplish bills and legislation.

How does your representative join a committee? They must pay for membership.  Representatives beg lobbyists for donations. Some representatives spend half their ‘working’ day calling donors and asking for donations to their party. Superlative funding allows membership on relevant committees. Poor financing relegates individuals to less critical committee membership.

The party funds the campaigns for other representatives and provides rules for instigating primaries while ensuring our two-party system remains an influential arbiter that competitively limits representation to well-funded entities. Competing against any political party is expensive and fraught with failure. The advertising and organizational apparatus brought to bear against a non-party affiliated wannabe are formidable.

The money providers get what they pay for. Politicians are rewarded with power, reelection, and high paying jobs after they leave office. Not all politicians are the servants of wealthy donating factions. However, some, disheartened by our system, quit. Individuals available for purchase, replace them. Think about this when demanding term limits.

A few representatives, after having long-term successes in governing positions, gain notoriety and acceptance that allows them to effect party directions. These few can go against the grain of lobbyists, as they no longer need the money for reelection campaigns. Voters can replace dollars if they are famous and voter turnout ensures their elections, regardless of the money spent against their campaigns. Of course, they must remain connected to the political establishment or suffer the assault of a controlled media.

The elite establishment, at this juncture, is not party affiliated. It is the swamp. Party membership only gives access, allowing individual members to join the swamp, where all members relish the prestige and power provided by dollars. In this environment, even differing party members affiliate with the truly rich and powerful.

The paid-for politicians, parties, and lobbyists direct the country’s laws and, perhaps more importantly, hire bureaucrats and appoint judges. Sycophants populate the halls of government.  Only Committee members funded by lobbyists are allowed to provide voter representation. If your representative does not keep a promise, it is often because his commitment is not adequately funded to make said official a member of a powerful reigning committee. The few, very few, power brokers leading our democracy do not support legislation from non-paying members who may vote their election promises.

For a party politician to represent voters, he must first become a well-funded member of Congress, or so powerful, in terms of voter support, that his representation cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, few become that powerful. To perform good deeds, they must accede to corruption. The temptations are enormous. Many, no doubt, feel they continue to play the game in the hope of doing ‘good.’ Only occasionally, do they succeed.

Is it no wonder then, that certain politicians become wealthy while in office? Why would anyone in government question a fellow bureaucrat’s motives for collecting vast sums of money in return for access to government laws and services when most politicians are performing the same activity on a daily basis?

The power provided by government institutions to purchased politicians, judges, and bureaucrats is enormous. The level of privilege and authority sorely tempts the morality and ethics of individuals inhabiting a swamp filled with elite creatures.  People grow used to having and using tremendous power. Powerful and wealthy forces direct the representatives of our government. They bring destruction against those who oppose them. They direct our media, academia, and social networks. Given the opportunity, they also direct you.


Written by poyhonen

July 2, 2018 at 11:05 am

Term Limits

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Limiting the number of elected terms for Federal representatives seems like a good method of removing long kept public servants who longer serve the public or, in some cases, never served the public.   But who picks the candidates who run for elections to replace the existing congressman or senator?  Limiting the number of terms for any elected representative does not guarantee the replacement will be any different than the existing representative.  Yes, committee controls may be affected but the new candidate could be another denizen of the swamp who will grow to accomplish the same results of the ‘old’ creature who now retires to a lucrative ‘post’ service lobbying position.  My thinking is the concept of term limits is to replace  ‘poor’ representation with an individual willing to perform actual service for his/her constituency.  To be more clear, voters need the ability to select the candidates in order to avoid replacing one miscreant with another shill provided and sold by a party seeking power, not service.

Another point argued by those against term limits is the inception of bureaucratic amateurs replacing seasoned professionals.  This argument may seem specious on the surface but there do exist some honest bureaucrats who are not corrupt, (don’t ask me to provide names).  California has state term limits and the resulting chaos is available for the review of interested people.

Term limits sounds good on the surface but our election process; controlled by campaign money, disinformation, negative propaganda, and a corrupt academia supported by an even more corrupt media needs further analysis in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over while seeking different results.

Questions for American Security Officials Concerning the Russian Hacking of the Election

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There is public information available decrying ‘hacking’ being performed by the U.S., Russia, China, and North Korea. The current and most prominent complaint in the U.S. accuses Russians of hacking the presidential election.

Our government’s accusation does not concern ballots, voting machines, or the counting of votes but is targeted at the release of emails ‘hacked’ from the DNC and John Podesta’s emails. The emails demonstrate some interesting items:

Hillary Clinton supports fracking and thinks opposition to is a Russian plot supported by Russian oligarchs.

The DNC and Hillary campaign conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders

Campaign debate questions given to Hillary prior to the debate

Pay for play regarding Cisco

The Clinton Foundation received many millions for Saudi Arabia and Qatar after Hillary had full knowledge that those countries covertly funded ISIS.

There are many, many more emails that demonstrate corruption, hypocrisy, collusion, and deceptive activities. The leaked emails led to the resignation of Democrat National Committee Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as several other high ranking members of the DNC. The loss of so many officials, exposed as being corrupt, might be thought to have had a significant impact on Hillary’s campaign efforts but Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hired by Hillary to be an honorary chair of Hillary’s 50 state program to elect Democrats around the country so the DNC loss of Debbie can be viewed as a gain to Hillary’s campaign.

Voters review of the leaked information, leading to the disdain of the candidate, seems to be the key complaint and result of alleged Russian hacking – even though Wikileaks denies Russian or any State involvement.  The Russians, however, are still being blamed for Hillary’s loss of the election. They are accused of releasing ‘hacked’ emails whose review by voters discredited Hillary as a candidate.

The content of the emails needs to be considered. No one has disparaged the DNC for Podesta’s risotto recipe, (also leaked in the emails), but the legitimate and validated content disclosing corruption and dishonesty seems to have had an impact of some level as yet to be determined. There has been no quantitative analysis on the level of voter response due to the release of the emails content.  Some questions to our security operatives may bring some light to the (Russian?) hacking operation regarding the presidential campaign:

If the content is unimportant – why is this hacking considered so appalling? For example: There is no interest in bank camera surveillance until something illegal or unethical transpires during the video.

Were the initiators of the emails paid by Russians? Did Podesta, Hillary, and DNC operatives get remunerations for writing the content of the emails?

Is there a money trail from Russia to the content writers of Podesta’s emails? Perhaps they were coerced in some manner?

Did the content providers actually mean what they wrote?

The same can be said for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos that exposed Hillary and DNC funded operatives fomenting violence at Trump rallies and other disingenuous activities. The Democrats railed against the videos because they were surreptitiously garnered but the content of the videos exposed many lies, misinformation, and negative propaganda created by Democrats and Hillary campaign officials to mislead the public in regards to D. Trump. Was O’Keefe paid by the Russians to make the videos or were the persons being recorded being paid by the Russians?

Will President Obama also force O’Keefe to leave the United States?

So far, the only money trail discovered from Russia leads to the Clinton Foundation – but the provided questions are for those investigators of the great election hacking propaganda production being foisted upon American citizens.   Unfortunately, the answers would provide a much needed focus on actual election campaign problems inherent in the DNC, News Media, Academia, and our Executive branch of Government in terms of honest discourse, and as such, they will never be asked.

Nevertheless, in regards of this article, be aware that many states governments, even allies, have hacking endeavors and your technical and private information should be protected with vigor.


There are many avenues to explore and the following list of reference sites is not even a beginning foray into exposing the corrupt activities of Hillary Clinton.







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January 4, 2017 at 4:25 am

Obama’s Success

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Our nation has become increasingly more divided during this president’s term in office but few conservatives really grasp his motivations. They erroneously think he hates America.

Obama has tried to remove what he considers to be, an American foot, pressing on the neck of the world.

His, so called, Apology Tour, was an opening salvo – telling the world that America would no longer be involved in imperialistic activities. It only makes sense that he would view England and Israel in the same imperialistic light and his animosity towards such activity is demonstrated in his actions.

His fundamental change philosophy is an attempt to ‘fix’ all the past indiscretions performed by the United States. Indeed, there have been a lot of tragic mistakes made during the forming of this American culture and a litany of condemnations were eagerly indoctrinated into a young mind by communists, anarchists, terrorists, and race provocateurs – but his indoctrination is not very different from what is preached and taught every day to children watching television, attending some Universities that are staffed with terrorists, or listening to religious sermons performed by clergy who hate American society. The news media also supports a negative view of our culture and laud the efforts of a president willing to do anything to redress the many wrongs performed by this nation. Many feel that the world’s greatest problem is a racist, Christian America, ruled by greedy capitalists.

Obama is successfully employing the tactics taught by Saul Alinsky in an effort to redress the wrongs of American society by rewriting history, redistributing wealth, indoctrinating children, and regulating every aspect of each citizen while making the general public more and more reliant on Government social care and feeding. Any approach is viable because “The Ends Justify the Means” and the control and domination of society by a large enlightened government is absolutely necessary in order for changes to take place without having a violent revolution.

Gun confiscation would be desirable if a majority can be convinced it is a good idea. (Terrorist attacks create a crisis that actually helps propel propaganda that demonizes weapons).

Obama’s actions are fundamentally changing America and his legacy will go on in schools, media, and in the progressive social dogma preached by indoctrinated parents, clergy, and politicians long after his term of office is relinquished.  Millions of followers believe his interpretation of history and the desire for change is not expressly hateful, regardless of how his realm is painted by protagonists. His large successes can be evidenced by the millions of supporters who will violently fight against anyone trying to remove the prescribed chains of regulations, control, and entitlements that they willingly put upon themselves and their children. Change can be good and while it is inevitable as a law of nature, the methods we employ should be questioned and evaluated before the process destroys the subject.

Socialism vs. Capitalism

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They both exhibit basic similarities of production. Capitalists produce goods and services in the hope of achieving compensation that will allow them to live without fear or want of material things. Socialists produce promises, hoping others will give them an elite status that allows them to live as if they were successful capitalists.

Both try to fulfill an observed need that will support their individual desires. Starving people love socialists who promise food. Capitalists work to provide food that people will like and purchase. Both systems also yield individuals and groups having massive amounts of social power and they rarely cede such power willingly. Socialist elites promise to share and distribute the results of everyone’s efforts where capitalist elites only offer an opportunity for people to work for a reward based upon their individual efforts.

The largest concern of the elites of both systems is competition and they both actively pursue avenues that will restrain their competitors and give them an advantage. Big business has diverged from respectable rivalry by supporting laws that impede competition. Regulations and bureaucratic barriers are hallmarks of lobbying endeavors to keep small entrepreneurs from succeeding, (unless supported by self-interested prime movers).

Large successful businesses do not fear taxes because they don’t pay taxes. The corporate tax burden is a great illusion brokered by capitalists who simply add the cost of taxes to what the consumer is required to pay for all goods and services. Rising prices occur when taxes are raised but that seems an observation that eludes most consumers.

Capitalists support the creation of consumers and educated workers capable of supporting the goals and ideas created by successful entrepreneurs. Businesses generally compete for qualified talent by offering better wages and benefits and the corresponding rise in compensation allows workers to purchase more consumables which leads to the continuation of an economy that raises the standards for everyone involved.

A growing educated class of consumer/workers is desired by companies who balance the need of a talented work force; however, the risks of unapproved sources of education could compete with establishment authoritarians.   Companies have created a bureaucratic and educational requirements regimen in an effort to ensure the profitability and control of future technology. Laws, licenses, regulations, and diploma requirements ensure that ‘educated’ individuals are indoctrinated with an inflated belief of self-worth. This belief is demonstrated by the education sector’s employment being one of the largest employers in the nation. Formal education instructs students in the realm of technology but it also seeks to provide potential inductees with the same ideological educational ‘benefits’ necessary to work with, or for, the purported enlightened employer. This corrupt paradigm is sold across the nation, taught in schools, and, most importantly, the followers are rewarded in a visible manner. The model makes future business efforts more predictable and enforces the status quo while keeping the control and manipulation of new ideas and technology within the realms of the indoctrinated class of ‘educated’ minions. The risks of losing potential profits by allowing uncontrolled new ideas and technology are very real, for example: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mark Zuckerberg were dropouts from the established curriculum.

Socialists also aspire to improve their personal welfare but their goals rely on convincing others that the promises they make have enough value and necessity that others will be convinced to elevate them into positions of authority and control. Convincing people, usually voters, to yield control of their collective future based upon promises is a monumental task and socialists usually begin their rise of control by soliciting disenchanted people who are easily convinced by promises of a better life – as typified by successful capitalists, (who are often demonized in the process). Socialists target the fears of poor minorities, low paid working class individuals, and naïve young people easily seduced by platitudes of niceness, (mom’s apple pie), or prognostications of imminent destruction, (global warming). In today’s world they need money to broadcast their promises of anything and everything any person could desire but the majority of the people they enlist are often too poor to support the dissemination of socialist dogma. Of necessity, progressive socialists have brilliantly turned to acquire money from big business enterprises by promising political protection, privilege, and pledging to maintain a predictable status quo. Large corporations lobby politicians to pay for special privileges, extra profits, rules, regulations, economic manipulation, and the risk free enterprise of government backed adventures. Socialists, seeking power, are more than willing to drink from the deep coffers of capitalists but any real socialist knows that socialism has never worked in history and has obviously led to the violent deaths of millions of people. They have been rewriting history to hide this outcome and, although they are funded by capitalists, they accuse big business of all manner of atrocities while educating young pupils about the evils concerning a desire to be rewarded for hard work and innovative ideas that are not mandated and controlled by government elites. Educational institutions, once the supporters of enlightenment, are now becoming mills of indoctrination that teach the follies of capitalism as demonstrated by actual, as well as fraudulent, examples of big business and representative government.

They also describe people who do not succeed in terms of material welfare, as victims. The promise of a socialist utopia requires a false narrative of history. Controlling the discussion of past events and defining labels allows political correctness to corrupt the arguments against their promises and, again, success can be viewed by the number of indoctrinated progressive leaning supporters who have garnered enough wealth to be ‘above the fray’ and have the capacity to remain unaffected by the regulations and controls forced upon the general populace. Such support hardly seems hypocritical to wealthy privileged endorsers.

Socialism relies on instilling the belief that only the government can fairly control the economy. Socialist competition involves a conflict over who can sell the most promises. The dominant socialist government incorporates promises to fix everything.

Our economic system has degenerated into a self-perpetuating circle of angst where people actually pay to be indoctrinated by socialists in order to be hired by capitalists who enjoy the labors of employees who are not allowed a voice or share of control over what they produce.

Big businesses, however, are learning that a government willing to bail out corporate and banking misadventures can also take over corporate entities. The political fundamental changes garnered over the last two decades have resulted in trillions of dollars avoiding investment in this nation while large corporations retreat to other countries.

There is a cure for the overbearing capitalist that will also banish the corrupt promises made by socialists and it is feared by both political parties – the cure is called freedom.


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Rules should be fairly simple – the United States Constitution and amendments are less than 7600 words but the ‘rules’ governing typical DMV vehicle registration require many more words. We can govern a country in fewer words than it takes to register a car.
Law has been defined as a system of rules but in our world ‘law’ has been warped into the knowledge, use, and manipulation of another ‘man’s’ words. Lawyers argue regulation phrases contained in a plethora of rule constructs in an attempt to manipulate the words of law to conform to the desires of any individual client seeking to avoid the restrictions of the written regulations. Right and wrong are now argued in terms of how something was written.
An impeached president can legally argue what the meaning of ‘IS’ is. It is no wonder that each regulation must be written in a manner to disallow future arguments that can be brought to find a loophole in any proposed regulation. More details are constructed to protect against some, as yet, unforeseen argument meant to manipulate the outcome and usurpation of each regulation, rule, or Law. So many rules and words are inculcated into regulations as to make them unreadable to common people who nevertheless, must adhere to the demands over complicated by those willing to usurp their meaning. We pay people to do this because we are no longer capable of arguing what is right or wrong – we must argue the language of Law.  In other words, we need lawyers to protect us from lawyers.
Regulations are laws often written without the consent of the people being ‘regulated’, however, they are enforced with the full power of our government. Only mass appeal through higher government channels or courts can change regulations written by some unknown bureaucrat with an agenda. Regulations can be cleverly written to impact select groups while incorporating desired limitations. For example: your old vehicle cannot be registered because it requires a government sticker that didn’t exist at the time it was built. The bureaucrat knew that such documentation can only be received through the manufacturer at the time of manufacture and didn’t like old collectible vehicles. Can’t happen? That is a real example. Thousands of people and years of effort were required to overcome one lawyer’s regulation written as a law and enforced by government lawyers and officials.
Each complicated law is written like a contract with sections created to avoid future conflict and disobedience. Since having no knowledge of the law is an unacceptable excuse – normal people need lawyers to contest the chains provided by bureaucrats. We have a plethora of laws and are creating more every day. I won’t ask the reader to inspect the tax codes for verification – just look at your local DMV regulations. If you can afford lobbyists, attorneys, and political donations, you can be represented by a law or released from the bindings that affect poor folk who cannot afford to fight the government they pay. Laws that affect minorities are easily passed as the greater mass of people remain unaffected and are willing to ignore the impact to others. Any minority group is subject to the whims of some  bureaucratic lawmaker. Large groups cannot be controlled so easily. That is why car drivers are not required to wear helmets even though most fatal accidents involve head injuries. Lawyers can argue that regulations protect the children. Who can oppose defending the children? Children are so protected that teachers have no control over classroom behavior. Bullies cannot be disciplined or, in some cases, even disrupted from assaulting other children. Children are allowed to curse their teachers and disrupt classroom activities. Even parents have to be very careful when attempting to control recalcitrant progeny or they can be charged with a crime. And many people wonder why our jails are so filled with the resulting unruly adults who no longer have the protection of a myriad of laws and lawyers willing to bring suit upon any person making an effort to correct their misbehavior. Jails are not safe havens for the little darlings who could have benefited from some restraining efforts at a younger age.
But it may be argued that we have judges who can interpret the law and provide common justice for all. Unfortunately, judges often restrict themselves or are restricted by the laws as they are written. Justice and goodness are not always involved. Ethics, honor, and righteousness are not represented by the contracts of laws as they are written and rewritten by the people and organizations we select to represent us. If they were, you wouldn’t need a lawyer to interpret a just and honorable act. Look to the Supreme Court as a primary example of what is good or evil. They will vote 5 to 4 on issues of honor, ethics, and virtue. They vote based on politics not principals. Some criminals go free and others are prosecuted to extend a full control over citizen behavior. Politicians are expected to lie, behave unethically, and be treated as above the laws that would incarcerate any ‘normal’ citizen.
A majority of citizen voters have been indoctrinated by our schools, media, and politicians to accept and believe wholeheartedly in victim-hood, racism, political correctness, and the complete disparity of wealth and the lack of opportunity to advance. The result of this indoctrination is creating a real vacuum where virtue, honor, and integrity are being replaced by fear and hate. The corruption of our written words are rewriting history and making the misinformation of our biased media a reality.

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February 14, 2016 at 4:12 pm

American Reform

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Medical Care:

Every working American is automatically signed up to make inputs into a national insurance package called Medicare.  Workers and employers have no choice.  Obamacare adds to the expense by incorporating additional insurance schemes that raise the costs of overhead.  While the collection of individual parameters and databases can lead to a refined control of the behavior of patients, little control is provided for the overhead costs of insurance companies who collect patient information to the level of being bitten by a duck or walking into a lamp post.  Yes, health insurance providers claim low profits but CEO’s average a compensation of over 10M per year.  Administrators also earn more than most doctors.

Money can be saved by dumping external insurance, beefing up and streamlining Medicare administration at the State level, and limiting insurance to servicing medical practitioner co-pay charges set at whatever the doctors choose to charge.  Medical education reform could also encourage more bright people to become practitioners by focusing on the training of medical acumen and discarding requirements that add years of non-medical education efforts.  States should be allowed to bargain for pharmaceuticals and equipment.


The pod system identified in Poyhonen’s Blog, (https://poyhonen.wordpress.com/), could substantially reduce the traffic in cities.  Light rail, busses, taxis, and private vehicles would become superfluous as the pod system is extended into all neighborhoods.  Such a system would also support safe transport in high crime areas.  Car manufacturers may not like this concept.


Everything we do more efficiently lowers the number of available jobs and we have been growing more efficient for decades.  A 32 hour work week might be worth investigating in a more aggressive and experimental manner.  In 24 hour operations this would add an extra shift to many operations but more jobs will also incur more expenses for employers.  Lowering taxes and decreasing Federal, State, and local bureaucracy can help offset the increasing costs of adding employees.   Lower energy costs will also help.  Working from home, where possible, can save a lot of money to both employee and employer.

Two important changes need to be addressed in order to improve a worker’s compensation and performance.

The Business Ladder Model:

In order to progress, one must be promoted.  Becoming management is often the goal of workers as that is the only step up the ladder that is available for an enhancement of compensation.  Great workers deserve being promoted and rewarded but they are often poor managers and everyone suffers from the current business ladder model.  Managers, whose efforts are often worth less than any employee, are considered above ‘workers’ and receive higher wages because of status, not merit.  This is a business model most managers will aggressively defend as it affects their personal wages and job security.  I was told of a paraphrased quote from Jack Welch to GE employees in a division he was about to sell, “My obligation to employees ends on Friday.”  What if workers thought the same way?  That CEO might not be making a hundred times the wage of employees if everyone quit on Friday in order to work for a company that valued the efforts of the people who actually did the work.

Perhaps employers should hire independent contractors to serve under ‘real’ managers whose job is to manage an effort, making an appropriate wage quite similar to the ‘workers’ hired, and based upon performance.  A good leader will attract productive workers and the success of the team should be awarded appropriately.

Independent contractors pay their own taxes, FICA, and insurance.  They can offer their services for any marketable compensation – (Just like the Doctors in my medical reform suggestion). This suggestion, on the surface, appears like it would cause a lot of turmoil in the business of making proposals for large projects but it really only involves a change of thinking in terms of value for services rendered.  ‘Only’ is a big word here, as management people enjoy their high status and look down on such realities.


Many schools have become indoctrination centers for progressive ideals, teaching a false narrative of history, inculcating hate and victimhood, and establishing the concept that credentials are more important than actual skill.  In an era where excellent classes can be freely found on the internet, people pay huge sums of money to acquire credentials that offer status.  Management compounds the problem by seeking out those with credentials because they have no real way of establishing the value of a person’s skill set.  There is also an attitude that demands potential employees to attend the same rituals as the hiring class.

Any serious student could graduate a typical High School by the age of fifteen.   Companies should be allowed to hire and teach young employees, giving them accredited skill points in education for demonstrated performance.  Instead of paying schools to learn dubious credentials, students could be paid by employers to acquire actual skills.  Schools could ‘learn’ to augment technical skills by providing classes that improve the character, competence, and the scientific acuity of students. Students seeking further competence would pay for such classes.


American politics are so rife with corruption, dishonesty, and self-serving seekers of power that it may be impossible to root out the political cancer that has infected the accepted leadership of this country.  Much rot can be attributed to the success of our schools education programs of misinformation.  In an age of information, the levels of misinformation abound in every aspect of life from the grocery store to the laws that govern our personal freedoms, (which are voluntarily disappearing).  Character and integrity will return, someday, but until it does, citizens need to pay more attention to the moral fiber of their representatives.  They also need to read the laws being sold by lobbyists who ‘buy’ politicians with donations and free advertising.   It seems that, within this current cycle of politics, fully half of our voting citizens have no idea of what is true or false.  This huge chasm of division has been established by a lack of interest and a belief in the false narratives promulgated by all sides of most arguments.  Our education system has, some might say deliberately, left the citizenry woefully unprepared to ascertain the truth amidst all the politicized misinformation disseminated by media and taught by professors.


People have been encouraged to accept being angry victims, blaming external influences of one form or another.  Disruptive recalcitrant grows in the public domain where self-discipline is not instilled or externally and vigorously encouraged.  Overburdened prisons offer a testament to our growing lack of self-discipline.  Disintegrating family structures and moral values make it difficult to safely grow up in an undisciplined environment populated by self-perpetuating victims.  The application of external discipline will be viewed as dictatorial and fascist but many local governments refuse to provide or support the force necessary to safeguard citizens who live in constant fear.  Job opportunities would help but who wants to open a business in an unsafe environment?


We have too many laws.  Most are unreadable by common folk, not understood by the inept politicians tasked to write them, and dismal in the effects they have on the population.  Justice is often determined by the amount one can pay for the proper technical support of expensive lawyers.  Justice for the rich differs than justice for poor folk encouraged to plea to offenses they have not committed.  Law documentation needs to be shortened by 85% and rewritten in English.  Lawyers will say that is impossible and, given the rule of precedent, they may be correct because the regulations are written to cover every desired aspect, leaving no wiggle room for another attorney to argue the wording.

What is ‘the good’ needs to be addressed in our courts.  Judges should also be versed in justice, not only words, and make rulings based on intent and right.  Supreme Court Justices should be impeached and replaced with people concerned with righteousness and our constitution, not ideologue concepts that divide our countries justice along political viewpoints.  Precedent has been argued for a long time by good lawyers who feel the concept brings predictable results.  They, of course, admire the lawyers who establish an unpredicted new precedent.  Precedent allows someone to be arrested for filling in a backyard pothole or selling milk to neighbors.  Is that good?


The banks are too big and should always be allowed to fail, (as should any company in our society).  Some version of the Glass-Steagall act needs to be reinstated.  Shadow banks should also be curtailed.  Trade is important but trading with countries that manipulate their money’s value is a form of ‘cheating’ in a trade agreement.  We should stop rewarding such activity.  We need to pay off the trillions of debt acquired by corrupt politicians.  Current politicians, of both parties, seem to have no will to curtail spending, much less pay off debt.

Regulations and Regulators:

Thousands of unelected people write regulations that affect our existence in every manner from construction to driving a vehicle and include almost every aspect of your daily existence. Not following regulations can result in confinement, and chances are, you are breaking some regulation as you read this. How do you know? Have you read them all? Over 280,000 full time government workers are busy writing regulations for you to follow. You didn’t elect them but they cost over 50 billion dollars a year and their activities have resulted in almost 170,000 pages of regulations to date, and it is growing every day. (Politico, A push for ‘Smart Regulations” by Senators Portman and Pryor, Jan, 2012).

Those pages comprise only the Federal regulations. State, county, city, and local regulations add to the control of almost every aspect of life. If you find a regulation you don’t like, you must fight the government at your own expense while you also pay for the government lawyers to fight against you and your complaint. Government lawyers can lie, cheat, and denigrate your stance with impunity. Government regulators are supported by the people you elect and not all regulations are evil but they often become laws where you have no control and your representation is incredibly limited or non-existent.

Greed, Corruption, and the American Public:

Many corporations excel at making profits while stifling the wages of employees. Greed will always exist but such entities should be described in loud and honest proclamations so people and financial entities could be encouraged to avoid buying stock in such organizations. Plummeting stock values may send a message instructing a change of venue.

Golden parachutes, for example, offer CEOs more income when being fired than a good worker will make in a lifetime. Unemployment benefits can hardly match the rewards given to discarded executives of privilege.

Voters don’t seem to mind endorsing lying politicians who perform harmful acts that would put any ‘commoner’ in a prison. The media often supports their lies and misconduct, or actively covers them up. Politicians are fully aware of the gullibility, lack of interest, and educational brainwashing and indoctrination of voters, that allow political corruption to become rampant. Whole books are written on this subject.

Back in the 1700s Massachusetts delegate Elbridge Gerry, a signer of our constitution, commented on our electoral system, “The people are uninformed, and would be misled by a few designing men.” (Gerrymandering is named after him). Virginia delegate George Mason, of the same period, also noted, “The extent of the country renders it impossible, that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge of the respective pretensions of the candidates.” They made these comments because in the eighteenth century many people were uneducated and illiterate. Today, being literate is no indication that someone reads and, for the common populace, not much seems to have changed beyond proving Elbridge Gerry’s comment.

In an environment devoid of corruption, common sense can solve many problems. Victims, however, rarely spew common sense. People suffering from Relitls, (read little/think less syndrome), grab emotional solutions with little thought of consequence.

An honest dialogue needs to be performed by the leadership of our nation. For all the faults of our system as it is currently operating, few lawyers, judges, and even some politicians do not support dishonest acts. Most voters want honest justice and would never incarcerate someone for filling in a pothole or selling milk but most voters are also unaware of the misconduct being performed by our regulators, courts, business system, and educational institutions, (who now hire terrorists).

The cost of our government is a burden that needs to be relieved. We can diminish or delete some institutions but we could also freeze hiring and allow attrition to reduce the number of government employees. The way we look at law focuses on words, not righteous good.

Many laws, hiding as regulations, can also be discarded. Regulators don’t go to work in the morning thinking about restricting the freedom of Americans – they do a job and we could put them to work, removing foolish restrictions and rewriting laws in terms that are easily understood by the people who pay their salaries, (us).

We need to get involved with our country’s legislation and operation. We are the solution.

Written by poyhonen

November 12, 2015 at 6:48 pm