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The Interview – Senator Hubris Story

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The Interview


                                                                Mark Poyhonen

The Senator entered the stage from the left and sat heavily in the chair opposite the interviewer.   He ignored the clapping and cheering from the live audience and smiled directly into the camera.

                “Welcome, Senator Hubris,” began the MCD news anchor, ” We are glad to have you here as a guest.”

                “I am just thrilled to be here, Tody, and I wish to thank you for the opportunity to clarify some of the misrepresentations being bandied about by the far right radical terrorists currently attacking our town meetings.”

                “Well, let us get directly to the issues,” said anchorman Tody.  “You were booed and shouted down in your last town meeting, were you not?”

                “Of course not and let me set the record straight – that was not my town meeting.”

                “But you were loudly jeered at this demonstration that took place during a town meeting.”

                “I did attend a town hall meeting hosted by Senator Gready,” Hubris replied quickly.  “I was there to lend a helping hand and support for Gready’s stand on taxes and health care.  Yes, there was shouting and jeering as demonstrators holding Nazi signs tried to take over the agenda and overcome the democratic process.”

                “But I was led to understand that there was quite a bit of violence before order was finally established.  Is that the way it happened,” asked Tody.

                “Fortunately I arrived with several busloads of kind supporters who drove all the way from Chicago to lend support and offer a helping hand for our party.”

                “I have a video of their entrance; lets watch it and you can comment on the proceedings,” Tody waved his hand a large video screen behind the men displayed the meetings activities.

                “Here you can see Gready’s supporters peacefully entering the hall,” observed Hubris.  “There, see that defiant woman refusing to move.  She is trying to keep the supporters from participating in the hall meeting.”

                “I think her walker is stuck on one of those folding chairs,” added Tody.

                “That is no excuse to lift a chair and threaten a citizen,” growled Hubris.

                “Well, no, of course not,” said Tody, “And I can see that guy was lucky enough to have hit her before she could viciously assault him with that metal weapon.”

                “Yes.” agreed Hubris.  “I tried to comfort him later.  He was quite shook up and terrified at the anger displayed by the local attendees.”

                “It seems she initiated a general free for all,” reported Tody.

                “She absolutely instigated what became a riot of terrorist violence,” spewed Hubris.  “Look, you can see that person splashing a drink into that poor man’s face.”

                “Looks like a soda,” injected Tody.

                “Ha, hot boiling coffee it was,” confirmed the Senator.

                “Aren’t those chunks, ice?” asked Tody.

                “Hot boiling iced coffee,” Hubris corrected himself.

                “He was knocked down right after doing that to the poor supporter.” Tody commented as the video displayed more violence.

                “That was a soda,” said the Senator.

                The video followed the path of the thrown soda can as it bounced off the attacker’s head and hit another supporter in the shoulder.

                “Well, I think we have seen enough,” Tody took control, “Forward that recording so we can view the last two minutes.”

                The video blurred for a moment, then slowed to a speed that observed the speaker’s dais viewed over the heads of gathered men with broad shoulders, all wearing brown shirts and ties.  The meeting was again at peace and both senators were shaking hands at the podium.

                “I can let the record speak for itself,” said Hubris pompously.  “We continued the town hall meeting and after the dissenters violence was contained, you can see how well Gready’s taxes and health care package is supported.”

                The video panned the hall, showing a cheering and happy constituency.

The studio “Applause” sign lit up and the live audience joined the party.


Written by poyhonen

May 5, 2010 at 8:44 am

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