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Public transportation allows people to travel with relative efficiency but there are
four primary disadvantages involved with the building of very expensive mass transit systems:

1. Customers are forced to adhere to a public transportation schedule that may not fit their needs.

2. Customers are forced to travel in a potentially unsafe and crowded environment.

3. Customers have to use private transportation in order to access public transportation, exposing their vehicles to abuse in large parking lots which are inadequately protected.

4. Public transportation forces individuals to undesirable destinations, transfers, and the vagaries of weather.

Of course the exorbitant cost of public transportation requires subsidies paid by many who will never use the service because of the four disadvantages mentioned.
Poyhonen’s People Mover concept does not require the heavy cars and steel tracks employed by ‘light’ rail. Safety is accomplished by being above traffic. Stations are not required, eliminating the need for customers to gather in areas not accessible without the use of private transportation or transfers from extended public transportation. Bicycles, mopeds, and small scooters can be transported by an external attachment to the pod. (Try taking your scooter on a train or bus).
One drawback to such a system still remains. This transportation system cannot control the weather, although it does allow a customer to ‘order’ transportation from an indoor location within fifty yards of a pod stop. The pod will text, mail, or call the customer upon approach. Restaurants, stores, schools, and service outlets are encouraged to invest in a pod stop outside their respective locations.
The integration of these existing technologies could have a major impact upon car sales, fuel usage, and existing mass transit. Such a change represents a significant uphill endeavor that would impact inner city jobs, construction, and living conditions.
Perhaps the biggest advantage in employing a pod system is the freedom provided to customers.


Written by poyhonen

April 4, 2015 at 4:09 pm

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