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Poyhonen’s Rapid Transit Concept

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Linear induction motors used to transport small cars suspended from a track or tracks can efficiently carry up to four passengers in a private and safe environment. The powered tracks can be attached to available buildings, poles, or other construction that allows the use of existing right of way. Personal pods suspended from a motor that rides upon the track can be programmed to shuffle passengers to a desired destination without having a ‘station’. The track is elevated to avoid ground traffic and customer interaction with powered components. All of this technology is available today.

The Transportation Pods only require a four-foot section of extended track to make a ‘stop’, which could be placed every 50 yards with various sized circles of tracks in areas like shopping malls or wherever a commercial entity wishes to provide such egress, (like a stadium). A person seeking transportation would call up a car using a Transit Application on their phone. The shuttle would arrive and lower the passenger compartment at customer demand. The customer would enter the pod and swipe a card or use another phone app for payment and the omnidirectional car would take off to the desired location. Cost would be determined by weight and distance. No train station or parking lots. No train schedules or crowded cars. The system is very similar to calling a private taxi. The pod’s engines run quiet and float on magnetic/air suspension tracks requiring few moving parts. Electrical power is only used as required and solar cells can be employed upon the same track that suspends the pods. Communication displays on the car can be enhanced with voice activated communication and touch screen controls. The car would make announcements, communicating to customers via phone message or text accompanied by flashing lights and the customer login name of the applicant, “Mister Smith, your car is ready.” Adding more track is easy as they are already manufactured in sections and the motion and location control of pods is a technology that already exists in factory production lines.


Written by poyhonen

April 4, 2015 at 3:35 pm

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