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Health Care and the Government

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Not approving Ryan Care was a narrow escape from an increasingly intrusive government that seems bent on controlling every aspect of American lives.

Most people would prefer to see a doctor when they have an illness or physical complaint. They would not willingly take a sick child to an insurance outlet or government building unless they had no choice. (Imagine taking a feverish baby to the DMV for treatment). Yet when you enter the doctor’s office and notice all the busy people that greet you from behind a desk – what do you think they are doing? They are filling out forms and documenting your access to insurance companies and government agencies who dictate the cost of your visit and the care you are entitled to receive.

Countries having high levels of subsidized health care, France and Italy are good examples; require that everyone pay into the government health fund. In America we all pay 1.45% of income, (hiked by an employer tax of an additional 1.45%), into our Medicare system but only people getting Social Security get the benefits. In 2015 the American Hospital Insurance Trust Fund garnered 275 Billion in taxes and spent 646 billion in services for only 15% of the population, (according to AARP).

So the illustration here is that we already have a universal insurance system that is paid into by every worker but the benefits are only distributed to retired people and the outlays for this insurance scheme exceed the inputs by about 371 billion dollars a year. The numbers get MUCH worse as they are analyzed to include every citizen.

Consider, for a moment, what insurance is supposed to provide. Health insurance is supposed to pay for the professional services, equipment, and drugs provided by licensed physicians and hospitals. In order to Control prices and services the government and insurance companies create rules, regulations, and make an effort at price fixing procedures. They require immense databases to achieve these goals and you can appreciate the health code designation of being bitten by a duck as just another line item under their scrutiny. If you think that is a bit complicated, there is another entry for walking into a lamp post. Too much? How about the designation of having walked into a lamp post for the second time?

Clearly we have too many ducks, lamp posts, and regulatory constrictions that are meant to control costs but inadvertently end up controlling lives and behavior.

Since the insurance is supposed to pay for professionals – take a look at what we could do with the 275 billion collected every year:

Give every licensed physician $100,000 …. .90 billion per year.

Give every registered nurse $30,000 ……… 90 billion per year.

Give every hospital $17 million………….…95 billion per year.

I just ran out of Medicare funds at 275 billion but our government spends over 646 billion on Medicare and adds another 546 billion with Medicaid, (2015 numbers). Where does this money come from? The general fund supplies the extra largess – – in case anyone is noticing our country currently has 20 Trillion in debt.

Well what if we doubled the tax rate for Medicare and now garnered an extra 275 billion for:

$75,000 for every licensed Nurse Practitioner…..…..8.3 billion per year.

$45,000 for every Physician Assistant………………3.2 billion per year.

Drug subsidies………………………………….….263 billion per year.

There – everyone in the USA would now be covered to some extent and to receive the subsidies all the accepting parties would have to do is not turn away any citizen from medical services. The government would no longer be in an insurance business where they have proven to be incredibly inept. The Government involvement would be relegated to a disbursement of collected funds to health professionals. The savings in paperwork, regulating, and oversight would actually save about 30% over current medical costs dictated by insurance. If the extra taxes are too big a burden consider paying the extra 275 billion from the general fund while still reducing the overhead by over half a trillion dollars per year.

Nothing is free, however, and the amounts mentioned will still not cover the total expenses. An average doctor’s earnings are about 160,000 per year and how will they make an income – not to mention the pay of specialists who spent years in getting certified?


Let doctors, hospitals, drug venders, and specialists charge whatever they desire in the form of co-pays. Some doctors in Kansas are charging $50.00 per month for adults and $10.00 a month for children to cover all medical services and they negotiate a discount of over 80% for drugs used by members who pay the monthly service fee. (Only 100 patients would be needed to add 60,000 per year but facilities and staff are still an expense that requires income). Catastrophic insurance can be purchased to cover the large co-pays that may be demanded for major medical services like cancer treatments, transplants, significant surgeries, expensive drugs, or continuing services like dialysis.

In the future, one might see catastrophic health insurance ‘bundled’ with car and home insurance plans. Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare would be gone. Only the Medicare tax would remain. Paperwork would be an addition to the IRS tax form.

There is more the government could do of course – Allow health employees, doctors, assistants, etc. to pay minimal or no taxes for example. Tax free health saving accounts and catastrophic insurance sales across state lines could be allowed and perhaps, someday, be offered by employers that allow employees to carry the account privately or onward to new employers.

And what about the poor people who get sick but have no job, pay no taxes, and have no catastrophic health insurance? The poor will always be with us – that is why we paid the doctors up front. No citizen will be denied service by those who promise first to do no harm.

This style of funding should also spur an interest in more people willing to become doctors which are currently predicted to be 90,000 short by 2025.

Concrete and predictable medical costs have proven to be elusive when payments are made by governments and insurance companies. If someone else is paying – the billing is of little consequence to the patient. In this subsidized system, transparent costs would allow patients to seek the best service at the lowest co-pay. No two hospitals charge alike and most patients only get solid costs after services have been rendered.

No one would like to take a car to a mechanic, who never provides an accurate estimate of charges unless they knew someone else was paying, (insurance company). Fortunately, mechanic mistakes can be expensive but are not usually life threatening. Medical services, conversely, are given very little latitude where judgments fail to achieve desired results. Complex problems are weighed in terms of outcome and risks to the patient vs. costs, profits and risks to the insurance providers. Health providers do make mistakes but such errors are often the product of being human where, in the end, we all return to the manufacturer.


Did Jeff Sessions Lie?

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If you ever have to testify in court your legal council will invariably tell you three things.

Tell the truth, answer the direct question, and don’t embellish.

So when you are questioned, “I see that you purchased a Ford automobile and have been using it for transportation during the past two years. Have you had an accident?”

You have not been in any type of accident with your Ford so you answer, “No.”

“But I can show that you were involved in an accident while driving your sister’s Chevy six months ago – Ah HA!” The attack is meant to construe you as a liar.

The news media reports you as a liar. Your representative describes you as a liar on every available news outlet and the Federal Department of Justice is tasked to investigate your lying about personal driving habits and attempting to cover up Chevy fender benders. Cargate becomes a major news story. Ford is implicated in the cover-up.

Watch the questions put to Senator Sessions by Senator Franken.

Sessions did not lie.

Franken already knew that the answer to, “Have you ever met with that ambassador during the last couple of years?” would be, “Yes.” He had to trap his fellow Senator by wordsmithing a question that was contextually specific in terms of driving a campaign, (or Ford), so that it could be construed as misinformation. Of course they were all aware that meeting various ambassadors, (or Chevy’s), is also part of Sessions duties as a Senator.

Biased news agencies, also fully aware that meeting foreign ambassadors is integral to this Senator’s job, also needed a response to an obvious question given in a specific scenario they could employ to demean, smear, and falsely accuse someone of denying an act that was patently obvious and had public witnesses.  The paradox of this demeaning episode is that only dishonest people will construe his answer as being dishonest.

If this makes you fearful about being questioned under oath – just remember three things.

Tell the truth, answer the direct question, and don’t embellish.

Now, tell me, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Senator Hubris Staff Meeting & Discussions Concerning the DOJ

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Senator Hubris plopped into a padded chair situated at the head of a table lined with sycophant staff members and immediately reached into the basket of croissants placed in front of him.

“Any good news this morning?” he asked around a mouthful of pastry.

“Well, we got the attorney general on the run,” one excited staff member piped enthusiastically.

“I called our press operatives to make sure they report his guilt,” press secretary Bob smiled in satisfaction.

“Is he?” Hubris asked while eyeing the basket.

“Doesn’t matter,” another staff member reported, “he’s guilty until proven innocent.”

“Technically,” Bob hesitated, “he’s completely innocent but we have the media on our side as well as many members of congress eager to play along. Our delays at cabinet membership changes have successfully kept the DOJ populated with our hirelings and they have orders to assure his guilt. We even have support from across the aisle.”

“Support?” Hubris grabbed another croissant.

“Yeah,” an older staff member cleared his throat before continuing, “They knew there was nothing and were very willing to support an investigation of nothing – but we trapped them with this new accusation and now we can hoist them on their own petard, so to speak.”

“Excellent,” Hubris beamed at his brilliant group of cohorts.

“What about research, Sally?” Hubris pointed at the only woman on his staff. “Have we got anything else?”

“We…ll,” Sally hedged by shuffling her papers, “We have a connection where his plane was on the tarmac of an airport at the same time as a passenger plane carrying two foreign ambassadors.”

“Of course!” Hubris pounded the table, “We can accuse him of a clandestine meeting.”

Sally shook her head slowly, “Not sure if we want to link planes on tarmacs with attorney generals and secret meetings. The ice may be a bit thin in that arena.”

“I know what you are inferring,” Bob remonstrated, “and our media minimized the reports on those meetings with our DOJ and besides – the constituents have already forgotten the incident.”

“What about the fact,” an exuberant member repeated himself, “the Fact, I say – that the new AG ate at a restaurant that had immigrant servers with visas originating from the country in question.”

“Huh?” Hubris joined several staff members looks of incredulity.

“Meetings with foreign waiters,” the young man continued, “cunningly made to look innocent but when we question him…”

“Ah…, Did you ever direct orders to foreign nationals during the campaign?” Hubris’ smiled like a Cheshire cat in a Disney movie.

“He’s bound to say no,” Bob leaned back in his chair and dreamily looked at the ceiling.

“Did you accept bribes from foreigners…?”

“A refill of his coffee cup,” Sally chuckled.

“Did you give money?”

“Tipped the waiter, no doubt,” Hubris amazed his staff at being the only person they knew who could sneer in delight.

“I’m really glad we can feed the media with accusations that will drown out that last speech,” Bob pursed his lips in satisfaction.

“Yeah – I was afraid we would have to live with that for over a week,” Hubris agreed.

“I also have some leaks programmed to reinstitute the race factor,” Bob’s assistant finally joined the conversation. “This idea of bringing jobs to the inner city is definitely a racist act.”

“There is a danger in allowing people to get jobs and education beyond our control,” Sally offered some analysis. “Minorities with jobs can move out of the generous havens we provide. They could even buy books and begin reading unsanctioned treatises that talk about humanity, history, and character. We really need to keep people unemployed and dependent. Think of the consequences if all our constituents uncovered the truth. We need to control the minorities and make the others feel guilty. Our power depends on it.”

The entire staff nodded in agreement, save one.

“Huh?” the original speaker remonstrated, “I can tell you as a community organizer that we OWN the inner cities.”

Bob frowned, “I wouldn’t put it quite that way,” he murmured.

“We only control the food, housing, and education,” Hubris instructed. “This administration will never get by our years of academic indoctrination and control of the media.”

“To your credit Alphonse,” Bob turned to his assistant, “we only own the social media and teachers union. We always tell the people they are free to choose among the choices we provide.”

“Well, if you want a riot, Alphonse looked chagrined, “I can get you one.”

“Thanks Alphonse,” Hubris tried to lighten the moment. “You have done an excellent job in the past and rest assured we will call upon you and your peculiar talents quite often in the near future. By the way – I had the bank funnel millions of dollars of ‘penalties’ largess into your social justice organization.”

“Is that legal?” Sally questioned.

“Of course,” Hubris quickly replied. “The funds are a penalty and we put into law a provision to allow penalties to be placed into a slush fund of ‘our’ choosing instead of returning funds to customers who were ripped off by banks and other institutions. You see, it’s not a tax and involves no tax payer monies. It’s even a legal tax deduction for those involved. No political financial constraints or ethics overhead and the only people losing money are those people who were not compensated for being ripped off. And they will never know.” Hubris chuckled before continuing, “We can fund all sorts of organizations and community events, including Alphonse’s group.”

“Thank you, sir,” Alphonse twitched his head side to side in nervous enjoyment, “the demonstrators’ wages have been rising along with the violence requirements.”

“Well it seems our people in the DOJ still have control so is there any other new business?”

The staff became quiet until Hubris directed a question to a small man seated at the far side of the table, “Harry – what about the huge history book that I am writing? Have you finished it yet? Might have to make it into two books with all that stuff I gave you, eh?”

Harry stuttered, “I wrote exactly what you told me but the fact checkers have questioned most of the content.”

“How many pages have I written so far?” Hubris pressed.

“Only ten pages are left but that includes the table of contents which looks like we may be losing another page,” Harry looked down at the table in shame.

“Fire those checkers and put back that content,” Hubris huffed. “What have you got for the back cover dialogue?”

“Its gluten free,” Harry replied, thankful he had something positive to report.

Crystals of Empire

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Crystals of Empire is an epic fantasy.

The Witch’s Journal – book five in the Crystals of Empire series is now available on Amazon.




The Crystals of Empire is a fantasy series centered in the world of Starn which has a technology base that lies somewhere between our Roman Empire and Renaissance periods but without the introduction of gunpowder. A science involving crystals created by Tyrus Hammersvold offers the only ‘magical’ component and he jealously guards its use and creation.

The Crystals:

Imagine creating a crystal that could heal any illness after being turned ‘on’ by the use of a tuning fork. What would you do with such power? The charged crystal can heal any anomaly on any life form if it is applied before the body heals itself – say an eye injury that heals but leaves a person sightless. But even such blindness could be ‘cured’ by surgically removing the injured part and replacing it with a similar part from a donor.   An arm or leg can also be replaced in such a manner.

Tyrus has three crystals. The red one is a surgical marvel that cuts with amazing precision. Removing a limb with a red crystal is easy, clean, and can be performed with limited bloodletting.

The green crystal restores health and will ‘attach’ body components to functionally fit together. When the green crystal loses its charge it turns brown and will absorb the life form of its next application. ‘Charging’ a green crystal has a price – it sucks in the entire life force from any living subject. The process leaves a dead shriveled hulk in its wake. No one has volunteered to provide what Tyrus calls Eternal Service and his ‘charging’ of crystals is usually kept a dark secret performed upon victims that include animals. Once the crystal turns green, however, it disseminates its ‘power’ in a healing manner that makes the subject whole. For small applications one charged crystal could heal many cuts, cure many sicknesses, append a few limbs, or restore several life threatening injuries.

The green crystals have another attribute that Tyrus uses to create creatures. Every time a green crystal is used upon a living creature it applies some of the ‘qualities’ of the life force used to charge the crystal. Say for example, Tyrus uses a pig to charge a crystal. The recipient is healed and inculcated with some of the pig’s qualities. Tyrus has made many experiments and has even imbued bears with human qualities along with a mix of other creatures. The attributes are then passed to progeny and a divergent species can be created by incorporating characteristics taken from various creatures and applied to create new life forms.  It is a long and tedious process.

But the third crystal is white and white crystals restore youth. Tyrus has lived for hundreds of years. He has the time to experiment, enhance, and codify his desires upon subjects both willing and reluctant.

Tyrus sees himself as above all men and believes his wisdom and enlightenment should rule the world of Starn. But he also sees rulers as temporary fixtures that rise and fall with the vagaries of their constituents. Aristocrats are replaced by invading armies, changing alliances, or even the rising up of disgruntled peasants.  Tyrus wants control and discards the role of aristocrat as a means. He compares a ruling class to swine herders who must listen and respond to the squeals and grunts of subjects and considers it more efficient to control the world by reigning over the ruling class.   He forms a religion, The Temple of Kaal, to provide a controlling influence that has grown over the ages. The Temple provides ‘cures’ for the afflicted and preaches an insidious influence of distrust for anyone worshipping Dun under the auspices that the healing provided by Kaal demonstrate a righteousness unavailable to Dun adherents.

Rulers have primary access to the incredible healing arts of the Temple of Kaal. Of course anyone willing to ‘pay’ also has such access. The payment demanded may not always be requested in coin. The Temple may ‘ask’ for a favor such as a new law, decree, or a favorable ruling. What would one pay to restore a loved one’s sight or limb?

The Temple thrives on conflict. Orphans are gladly incorporated into free schools where the children are indoctrinated in Temple beliefs – indeed the Temple will provide free schooling for any subject. Likely candidates become part of Tyrus’s hierarchy and his base grows over time as only his captains are allowed to apply his provided crystals – and they are shown how they can live forever. Recalcitrant orphans provide Eternal Service.

The only religion that can compete with the Temple of Kaal is the worshippers of Dun who represent a monotheistic and mystical view of an overreaching principle they refer to as Dun. Dun worshippers are not interested in writing laws or indoctrinating people by teaching them what to think but they do teach subjects on learning how to think. Medicine and the healing arts using herbs, science, and the laying of hands are taught in Dun conclaves. They also provide instruction in engineering and physics and in that area they compete with Temple instruction and innovation.

The Clousen and humans comprise the primary races that inhabit Starn. Clousen have six fingers, toes, various shades of reddish hair, very dark eyes and generally resemble humans in all other aspects. They have married humans and produced offspring. Starn is also inhabited the Bragetti, who primarily live in wilderness areas unfrequented by humans and Clousen.

Tyrus created the Bragetti as a backup force that could be used to support the Temple side of a conflict introduced by his manipulations of the ruling class. The Bragetti have their own culture, long deer like ears, and bodies covered in a fine hair that, at a short distance, would resemble a person wearing tights. The Bragetti also commingle with humans but have been ‘taught’ that Clousen eat Bragetti. Temple propaganda has led to conflicts between Clousen and Bragetti that have lasted over a hundred years.

Creating the Bragetti, however, causes the Cosmic Order of the Universe to take notice and provide corrective influences that include the birth of Kazi Boku. His upbringing in a farming community instills honesty, integrity, and perseverance in his character.  The home village of NewPo is attacked by Temple marauders and he escapes to Barta where he learns martial arts, Dun principals, and receives a higher education.

The Crystals of Power treatise follows Kazi’s efforts in trying to renew his life and establish the village of Angus Town. The Dun conclave in Barta is attacked by Temple assassins seeking the recovery of crystals found by Kazi in the wilderness.

           Angus Town describes the Bragetti attack on the new settlement.

After the battle for Angus Town is resolved Kazi is banished into the northern forest on a mission demanded by the Duke. He falls in love with a Bragetti Woman in the northern forest.

           The Witch’s Journal is written by Tyrus’ mother. The contents describe his horrific experiments, the creation of creatures, hatred of Clousen, and development of his crystals.

But wait! There is more in the works.

The future installment will be The Vissing Defense.

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January 31, 2017 at 4:05 am

How to Repeal and Replace Obamacare and Avoid All the Complaints

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Think about the complaints and concerns instigated by the dire thought of repealing Obamacare:

People would lose the free services provided by Obamacare.

The Government would lose tax income provided by Obamacare taxes.

Democrats will complain and spin any replacement concepts as insufficient – and probably racist.


My suggestion is to consider Replacing Obamacare before repealing the act, mandates, and taxes.

Replacing Obamacare with a concrete system would allow all supporters and detractors to review the efficacy of the replacement – before – dissolving Obamacare.  The concerns of replacement aspects will be answered, improvements can be made, and costs can be determined so that health services can be available before the ACA collapses due to an inherent poor design seemingly created for income redistribution rather than health care. The added bureaucracy is astonishing, (and adds about 30% to the cost of health care).


The largest issue in this method is cost.  The government would be paying for two health systems during the SHORT time allowed for a comprehensive review.  Still, the added cost can be justified as the price of getting the new system right.  One might note that paying for the medical costs of disadvantaged folk is likely to be a cost in both systems so that should not be considered an additional expense.

The second largest issue is also cost – in terms of lost revenue gained by ACA taxing of citizens already taxed by Medicare.


Politically oriented complaints and accusations, name calling, and reports comprised of misinformation and ‘spin’ will be provided by many politicians and media pundits more concerned with gaining self serving power than serving citizens.  Such is the divisive state provided by the last decade of politicians and this proclivity will not suddenly disappear, however, logical and sincere debate should be encouraged for a short period.  Creating another 2000 page series of laws crammed into an Act cannot be allowed.


Sounds simple – well, no – but I believe the concept is more reasonable that Repeal and Replace.

What do you think?

Questions for American Security Officials Concerning the Russian Hacking of the Election

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There is public information available decrying ‘hacking’ being performed by the U.S., Russia, China, and North Korea. The current and most prominent complaint in the U.S. accuses Russians of hacking the presidential election.

Our government’s accusation does not concern ballots, voting machines, or the counting of votes but is targeted at the release of emails ‘hacked’ from the DNC and John Podesta’s emails. The emails demonstrate some interesting items:

Hillary Clinton supports fracking and thinks opposition to is a Russian plot supported by Russian oligarchs.

The DNC and Hillary campaign conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders

Campaign debate questions given to Hillary prior to the debate

Pay for play regarding Cisco

The Clinton Foundation received many millions for Saudi Arabia and Qatar after Hillary had full knowledge that those countries covertly funded ISIS.

There are many, many more emails that demonstrate corruption, hypocrisy, collusion, and deceptive activities. The leaked emails led to the resignation of Democrat National Committee Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as several other high ranking members of the DNC. The loss of so many officials, exposed as being corrupt, might be thought to have had a significant impact on Hillary’s campaign efforts but Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hired by Hillary to be an honorary chair of Hillary’s 50 state program to elect Democrats around the country so the DNC loss of Debbie can be viewed as a gain to Hillary’s campaign.

Voters review of the leaked information, leading to the disdain of the candidate, seems to be the key complaint and result of alleged Russian hacking – even though Wikileaks denies Russian or any State involvement.  The Russians, however, are still being blamed for Hillary’s loss of the election. They are accused of releasing ‘hacked’ emails whose review by voters discredited Hillary as a candidate.

The content of the emails needs to be considered. No one has disparaged the DNC for Podesta’s risotto recipe, (also leaked in the emails), but the legitimate and validated content disclosing corruption and dishonesty seems to have had an impact of some level as yet to be determined. There has been no quantitative analysis on the level of voter response due to the release of the emails content.  Some questions to our security operatives may bring some light to the (Russian?) hacking operation regarding the presidential campaign:

If the content is unimportant – why is this hacking considered so appalling? For example: There is no interest in bank camera surveillance until something illegal or unethical transpires during the video.

Were the initiators of the emails paid by Russians? Did Podesta, Hillary, and DNC operatives get remunerations for writing the content of the emails?

Is there a money trail from Russia to the content writers of Podesta’s emails? Perhaps they were coerced in some manner?

Did the content providers actually mean what they wrote?

The same can be said for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos that exposed Hillary and DNC funded operatives fomenting violence at Trump rallies and other disingenuous activities. The Democrats railed against the videos because they were surreptitiously garnered but the content of the videos exposed many lies, misinformation, and negative propaganda created by Democrats and Hillary campaign officials to mislead the public in regards to D. Trump. Was O’Keefe paid by the Russians to make the videos or were the persons being recorded being paid by the Russians?

Will President Obama also force O’Keefe to leave the United States?

So far, the only money trail discovered from Russia leads to the Clinton Foundation – but the provided questions are for those investigators of the great election hacking propaganda production being foisted upon American citizens.   Unfortunately, the answers would provide a much needed focus on actual election campaign problems inherent in the DNC, News Media, Academia, and our Executive branch of Government in terms of honest discourse, and as such, they will never be asked.

Nevertheless, in regards of this article, be aware that many states governments, even allies, have hacking endeavors and your technical and private information should be protected with vigor.


There are many avenues to explore and the following list of reference sites is not even a beginning foray into exposing the corrupt activities of Hillary Clinton.







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January 4, 2017 at 4:25 am

Ideas to Support Draining the Swamp

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  1. Delete 30% of all civil service positions.
  2. Limit new regulations and laws to only 2 pages of documentation.
  3. Move the United Nations to a Montana wilderness area. Beautiful setting and a boom for construction in Montana. Attendant countries, diplomats, and administrators would have to pay the local economy for buildings, homes, airports, transportation, and energy. (The current UN building can be employed as a homeless shelter).
  4. Many of those laid off civil service workers can be temporarily employed by deleting or reducing existing written laws to conform to the two page rule. All federal laws should be written so any common citizen can understand the content and desired results of the laws and regulations.
  5. Combine Homeland Security with the FBI and reduce/replace the two top management tiers of most agencies, (CIA, NSA, FTC, EPA, FCC, DIA, DEA, etc.).
  6. Delete BLM, and return 80% of all current Federal lands to the States.
  7. Make English our national language and stop printing other languages at taxpayers’ expense.
  8. Fund inner city Pod transportation for an infrastructure upgrade that will be the envy of the world. (The construction will also provide good jobs for depressed areas and one way to improve inner city problems is to offer a method of escape not provided by local government).
  9. Curtail Request for Changes in existing and future government contracts and ensure that knowledgeable professionals perform design, (not necessarily some military ranking officer with little or no understanding of technical issues). Review the contract process in its entirety. I would suggest a review of the Lockheed Skunk works process that built the SR-71 in 20 months, (1962 and it is still the highest flying, fastest man operated airplane ever built).
  10. Cut existing agency contracts by 50%. Seems harsh but there really is a LOT of fat and it is growing. The personnel cuts in suggestion number 1 will help in this regard. Some contracts may expire under this edict. Good. Rewrite the requirements and issue another contract at a more reasonable price.
  11. Sell unused government buildings or give them away – stop maintaining them.
  12. Exile many criminals instead of incarcerating them – (violence related crimes). Rehabilitate others that demonstrate merit. Long prison terms deserve exile instead of incarceration.  This ‘out of the box’ list comprises only twelve areas of potential improvements. Such changes cannot all be accomplished immediately or simultaneously because of the massive disruption that will be caused by thousands of people losing jobs but when the draining begins, it must be done with a full commitment to lowering the cost and adverse effects of a bloated government. Many more bipartisan opportunities exist. What are yours?