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Education – Do the Math

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Education – Do the Math

Six classes can be taught by three educators, given they teach two subjects each day. Inner city children, in Wisconsin, are allocated over fourteen thousand per student while rural kids are allotted less than seven thousand per year. If the average cost to taxpayers is over ten thousand, consider lowering the expense to an average of eight thousand per student. That would allow sixty children to be taught in three classrooms by three teachers.
60 x $8,000.00 = $480.000.00, or $160,000.00 per teacher.
The cost of a ten-year mortgage for a new $400,000 building is about $4,000 per month, or $48,000 per year. The building costs include solar heating and off grid electrical.
That leaves about $432,000.00 to pay for incidentals, salaries, and equipment.
Such a building could support thirty pupils per class but with only 60 pupils, each teacher could earn over $80,000.00 per year, leaving a mere $192,000.00 per year for items not considered in a quick post, (taxes, medical, food, computers, teacher’s aides?).
Extra courses can also be offered by providing freely available internet classes supported by live professionals.
Twelve vouchers, made available for each child, can be managed by their legal guardians who should be able to select where those vouchers are spent. If a child is expelled – the voucher is lost. Assign your child’s voucher to a public school of your choice, or any private institution, to ensure teaching is provided by well paid professionals whose job is to educate; not indoctrinate or baby sit. If a student graduates high school in less than twelve years, (an easy task), leftover vouchers can be used for college tuition. Disruptive and recalcitrant people will not be allowed in the classrooms of those who desire education. Once twelve vouchers are exhausted no further public funds will be provided.
Spending more money should not be a solution to achieve a better education. Do the math.


Written by poyhonen

February 7, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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