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What has Trump really done for American citizens?

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Putting foreign policy aside, one can view his accomplishments as minimal. The only achievement he has beyond reducing taxes is obeying the constitution and attempting to apply laws made by Congress.

He has not provided universal healthcare for every citizen.  Congress ignores term limits, and veterans still die while waiting for the bureaucracy to provide support.  The national budget has reached new highs in uncontrolled and wasteful spending. Drugs pour into the country, and thousands die from drug-induced overdoses. Our border is porous.

He did not create jobs but did help provide an environment for American businesses to flourish. He may have made it easier for companies to provide employment and wage increases by easing the Federal heel off the necks of entrepreneurs. I guess that could be termed an achievement but most of the regulations discarded were dropped impending rules and Obama dictates, not existing regulations which often require legislation to remove. (Note- there are over 185,000 pages of current regulations). Government regulations and accompanying suits by detractors can delay projects.  For example, during a five-year drought, intrepid California explorers discovered a large body of water just west of the state. They decided to build a desalinization plant. Twenty-two years later the plant became operational.

To provide a comparison: It took eight years for the Apollo program to land a man on the moon, (but they did not perform an environmental impact study). Also, consider, the Panama Canal took ten years to complete.

Trump has produced one clear accomplishment that required no legislation. His election exposed the swampy nature of our government, to include the rabid indoctrination of our populace by the mainstream media, academia, politicians, and social network disseminators of misinformation, propaganda, and anti-American sentiment.

Otherwise, respectful and educated but indoctrinated people decry almost everything he says as a lie – not a mistake, misinterpretation, exaggeration or even a different view, but deliberate deception. To be honest, some of his statements are obviously an exaggeration, others may be attributed to mistakes, or even political expediency and hubris, but deliberately misleading the public requires a special effort eagerly performed by media reports generated to elicit hate. Consider what is broadcast as lies:

Reporting a sixty-four percent reduction in illegal immigration when he was the president for only eleven days during the measured month is counted as a blatant lie by the indoctrinated, but the monthly reduction happens to be accurate.

All-time low relationship with Russia is reported as another deliberate lie because he did not consider the cold war as a lower point.

Hillary Clinton guilty of every charge in regards to her private email scandal is also reported as a flagrant lie because the FBI found her not guilty.

The last item exposes the massively corrupt nature of the bureaucratic swamp.  Trump’s election helped expose the illegal activities of the Clinton operation to include the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One operation as well as email obstruction of justice and security breaches.

Who would know an existing administration applied FISA warrants against American citizen political opponents strictly for political purposes?  The employment of powerful government agencies against political adversaries should worry all citizens but then – Lois Lerner likely influenced an election by targeting conservative donors and she obtained a nice pension as a result. The indoctrinated may applaud her efforts.

DNC rigging of an election would never have been reported.  Clinton control of the DNC would also remain unreported and as uninvestigated as the DNC servers that leaked Podesta emails.

Would anyone pay attention to the reports of State department bribes received for influence? Remember Benghazi? Fifty analysts reported the Obama administration watered down Islamic State intelligence to suit White House spin.

It comes as no surprise to note the media helped and is still actively supporting corruption and misinformation. After all, they ‘overlooked’ criminal activity during an election.

The list of government dishonesty and actual, deliberate, lies by Democrats is too long to provide in a short dissertation that would have to include Republicans.  The opportunity to know about many of our government deceptions and abuses would have never become apparent if Trump had not been elected, and that is no exaggeration, mistake, or misinterpretation of facts.

So?  What has Trump done concerning this exposure?  Not much.

Exposure may actually be an accident compiled by an overabundance of corruption and eagerness to provide misinformation. Only the American Justice System may correct this problem, and Trump has offered no leadership in that area.

Both political parties have looked the same for years, and they now emerge even more closely aligned to ensure a successful cover-up. The massive numbers of indoctrinated people feeding off propaganda for years seem content to support the politics of character assassination while allowing the American people to suffer a justice system controlled by political self-aggrandizement. They even encourage a remote judge’s rendition of national foreign policy over constitutionally elected representatives and laws. They endorse racist separatists and decry free speech, all the while proclaiming you are racist if you disagree.

Honest journalists seem challenging to find. Honest special councils are extinct. Hate speech fills our media, and anti-American history and sentiment are taught in our schools. Hate has never been a solution in the past. Hate, however, remains the primary offering of the disillusioned who seek to indoctrinate all citizens with a propaganda that offers no solutions, integrity, or honest discourse.


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May 11, 2018 at 12:43 am

Our Version of History

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The microscopic view of history is often made using a telescope viewing the past with a focus distorted by currently existing precepts.

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April 4, 2018 at 9:40 pm

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What Happened to GE?

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My opinion on business is strictly mine so take the following derived by a perspective from someone far from the crowd of ‘educated’ business elites.

What happened to GE?   Jack Welch happened.  Jeff Immelt took the reins after CEO Welch left.  He cannot be blamed for following his mentor’s lead and a selected replacement is usually a clone of the leader doing the choosing.

CEO’s beat the GE horse to pull profits for years and management who did not consider what makes for a long-term successful business paradigm.  The elite model holds management responsible for profits and rewards them accordingly.

To be short, a GE employee informed me about a briefing held by Jack Welch where he informed employees that his obligation to them ended on Friday, (payday for the week).

To me, it would only be a matter of time for such an entity to achieve failure.  Management should take care of and value employees.  Rewarding the people who actually do the work, make the innovations, and build the products can be a superior business model.  Without them, there are no profits.  Treating workers as an expense is a business model of the elite that demeans free markets and capitalist ideals.

GE certainly took care of their CEOs.  Jeff Immelt’s pay fell 35% to a mere $21.3 million in 2016 compensation, (per Bloomberg).  The elites are often rewarded for failure.

Unfortunately, many corporations’ management policies focus on stockholder’s profits.  Should highly compensated CEOs only consider stockholder’s profits?   Could they be wrong?  Is this business model inferior?  Perhaps management’s efforts should lean towards leading and caring for the employees who, in turn, actually do the work and make the profits for stockholders.

Democrat’s Against Our Republic

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I am neither a Democrat nor Republican but I cannot vote for any Democrat today.

Some time, in our past, Democrats lynched people based on color and some Republicans, a new party, loudly protested.  No Democrats spoke up against the atrocities perpetuated against other human beings.  Their silent abandonment of ethics and compassion resulted in the costliest conflict of our history, (in terms of lives lost).  Democrats chose to divide the country.

Today, criminals destroy subpoenaed information lawfully requested by elected officials, and the Democrats are again silent.  Their silence condones the illegal acts of prominent … Democrats.  Democrats are campaigning to divide our nation.  They support the inequality of the elite where the laws of our country are not applicable to themselves or privileged followers.  The elites seek to own the rules.  They purchase justice on a block at auction to the highest bidder.  Yes, there are republicans who make purchases as well but some … perhaps too few, speak out against the atrocities performed against each citizen, while the Democrat politicians offer only silence.  The spreading of false information, deceptive innuendos, preposterous accusations and allegations, are all silently approved by the applause of Democrat crickets in some distant forest.   A divisive coup acquires billions of stolen taxpayer dollars, used to line the wealth of corrupt politicians, but again, there is no outrage from the Democrats – only silence.  Their outrage and uproar are only expended as an investment in divisive rhetoric, often promulgated on lies, misinformation, and deceptive propaganda.

So, are the Republicans so much better, one may ask?  A few have spoken out.   At least some Republicans are against fascism.  Democrats endorse the State control of every citizen and business, yet proclaim themselves, anti-fascists.  They surreptitiously endorse fascists by their silence in opposing such doctrine.  Some Republicans have decried the lawlessness of Democrats but the Democrat response is to rewrite our constitution while disobeying the laws of our land.

The high moral ground, illegitimately proclaimed by Democrats, has appealed to many indoctrinated voters who accept the lies and false history told by our mainstream news organizations, national media, academics, and politicians.  In many cases, citizens are completely brainwashed into believing the concept of individual freedom, endorsed by some Republicans, is a bad ideal for our country.  Such people are silent when a Democrat lies under oath.  They condone the dissemination of false information.  They abhor honest discourse and free speech.  They have never read or understood, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, or Animal Farm, by George Orwell.  They will vote for the Democrat inspired destruction of our nation.

I will only vote to preserve the Union.

Bills and Regulations should be written for the Citizens

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Our constitution and amendments are detailed in less than 7600 words. We have courts who ‘interpret’ those words – often resulting in a 5/4 split occurring along partisan views, not actual reading ability.  Most ethical tradesman could review our constitution without the application of partisan subjectivity, however, our current laws are now written to avoid any lawyer challenges, but does this really serve the common citizen?
For an example of our current system of laws, check out the ridiculous length of laws/regulations regarding vehicle registration.
We need to change the manner by which laws, to include regulations, are written and reviewed.  We have thousands, (and thousands), of pages of Law – how can you know you are not performing some illegal activity?
Our elected representatives should be required to write the laws but we all know this may not be possible so I suggest the following form that is limited to two pages (12 font):
‘Bundling’ is not allowed.

The Gist:
The desired result of this bill, (I.e., lower taxes for people making xxx to xxx).

The Bill:
This section consists of less than two pages of verbiage describing the law in a common sense manner easily understandable to most citizens without reference to extraneous documentation. This document will completely explain the law.

The Proof, Duration, and Analysis of this bill:
Here is where the sponsors dictate the required response if this bill does not achieve the ‘Gist’. (I.e., Dissolve the bill after two years of demonstrated failure).

If you are an elected representative and find this construct impossible to perform – contact me and I will write the bill for you.

Term Limits

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Limiting the number of elected terms for Federal representatives seems like a good method of removing long kept public servants who longer serve the public or, in some cases, never served the public.   But who picks the candidates who run for elections to replace the existing congressman or senator?  Limiting the number of terms for any elected representative does not guarantee the replacement will be any different than the existing representative.  Yes, committee controls may be affected but the new candidate could be another denizen of the swamp who will grow to accomplish the same results of the ‘old’ creature who now retires to a lucrative ‘post’ service lobbying position.  My thinking is the concept of term limits is to replace  ‘poor’ representation with an individual willing to perform actual service for his/her constituency.  To be more clear, voters need the ability to select the candidates in order to avoid replacing one miscreant with another shill provided and sold by a party seeking power, not service.

Another point argued by those against term limits is the inception of bureaucratic amateurs replacing seasoned professionals.  This argument may seem specious on the surface but there do exist some honest bureaucrats who are not corrupt, (don’t ask me to provide names).  California has state term limits and the resulting chaos is available for the review of interested people.

Term limits sounds good on the surface but our election process; controlled by campaign money, disinformation, negative propaganda, and a corrupt academia supported by an even more corrupt media needs further analysis in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over while seeking different results.

Health Care Reform Helps Insurance Companies Profit

We could subsidize Health Care service providers:

The cost of giving every licensed physician $100,000 would only be $90 billion per year.  This sounds ridiculous and expensive.  Ninety billion dollars spent with no detailed government oversight. People would have to pay co-pays and buy medical insurance without Government assistance.  Poor folk would get the same care without a lot of paperwork.  Dissolving Medicare and Medicaid would allow a free market to sell services for about fifty bucks a month per person. Yes, current payroll deductions would continue in order to augment compensation for all medical personnel relegating catastrophic health insurance to be bundled with car and home insurance schemes.


No one seems to like the idea of giving tax dollars to doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.  No…, no, no, we can’t do that–our politicians, (and voters), would rather give insurance companies your tax dollars.  The enlightened goal is to provide everyone with a ‘plan’.  We are fated to accept the voters demand for subsidized health care insurance.

Payment of your medical bills gives dividends to stockholders and companies who are in business to make a profit.  They need to give higher dividends, don’t they?  After all, the yearly compensation for the Aetna CEO was a paltry twenty-seven million in 2016.  Stock options helped a lot.

Our health plans subsidize insurance companies in order for them to make money from your illness.  Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?  Your medical bill – if you can figure it out – includes profit for the stockholders, compensation for insurance sales persons, insurance executives pay, insurance buildings, advertising costs, and finally – your doctor’s salary.  The bookkeeping and bureaucratic overhead alone adds only about thirty percent to your bill.  The government argues that their portion of overhead is low.  That bears some truth because the bureaucratic efforts are made by the providers, (more on that later).  The government must ensure the fair and correct spending of your taxpayer dollars and their oversight requires massive record keeping and the development of forms.  Just remember–the government is here to help… to help…to help.

Some details collected from Justfacts.com:

Roughly, 60 minutes of paperwork are performed for every hour of emergency department care, 36 minutes of paperwork for every hour of surgery and acute inpatient care, 30 minutes of paperwork for every hour of skilled nursing care, and 48 minutes of paperwork for every hour of home health care. “Each time a physician orders a test or a procedure, the physician documents the order in the patient’s record. But the government requires additional documentation to prove the necessity for the test or procedure.”

  • “Many forms … must be completed daily by clinical staff to submit to the government to justify the care provided to skilled nursing facility patients.”
  • Medicare and Medicaid “rules and instructions” are more than 130,000 pages (three times larger than the IRS code and its associated regulations), and “medical records must be reviewed by at least four people to ensure compliance” with Medicare program requirements.
  • “A Medicare patient arriving at the emergency department is required to review and sign eight different forms—just for Medicare alone.”
  • “Each time a patient is discharged, even if only from the acute unit of the hospital to the on-site skilled nursing unit, multiple care providers must write a discharge plan for the patient. This documentation, as long as 30 pages, applies to all patients, regardless of the complexity of care received within the hospital or required post-hospital setting.”
  • In addition to regulation by state and local agencies and private accrediting organizations, hospitals are regulated by nearly 30 federal agencies.

Our government cannot think about giving tax dollars to health care professionals when paper pushers are more necessary to guarantee profits for insurance companies.  The massive government database contains items for every illness to include getting bitten by a duck or walking into a lamppost. They even have an item designation for walking into a lamppost for the second time.  Yes, the government will document your lamppost ‘problem’.

Who pays for all this?  You do.  Does the doctor really make out financially?  The admin persons at the hospital can make more than a surgeon.  Do you want that Admin professional in the operating room?  Don’t worry – admin is always there in spirit.  Someone must ensure the stockholders make a profit.  Is your deductible paid?  How much will the government kick in?  Does the patient ‘plan’ ensure this procedure is cost effective?  Everyone should be concerned with the last statement.  What happens if the procedure is not cost effective?   Does the cost/benefit/risk analysis allow a bone marrow transplant for a patient deemed terminal, (without one)?  Ask the insurance company or hospital admin – the only case I know of concerns a deceased mother of two who did not meet the criteria.

Whatever health care system you like should exclude stockholder dividends.  Your bill should not include a dividend to stockholders gambling on making money from your illness.  Some CEO should not be making millions each year by managing insurance schemes that profit from people requiring medical attention.  People are actually demanding government-sponsored monopolies because politicians tell them there is nowhere else to go and no other method of eliciting professional service.

All hospitals, including Non-profits, currently absorb the costs of services provided to the poor.  (Insurance covers costs in order to make a profit and do not include non-paying patients).  For example: According to the research by the research of Craig Garthwaite, Tal Gross and Matthew J. Notowidigdo, the cost of each poor patient in Tennessee is over a thousand dollars.  The hospitals lose money unless Medicaid shares the burden.  Your taxes pay for that as well.

A single payer plan will allow the Government to ‘help’ everyone by raising taxes and dictating the costs of all benefits.  ‘Medicare for all’ is a mantra for single payer advocates.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Cuba and Canada enjoy the benefits of single payer.  You may experience Canadian relatives taking residence in the USA in order to get medical attention but such activities would never happen if Our government took over health care and dictated the compensation to all medical providers.  Our government has a proven and cost effective record of … ‘helping’.  You can relax and feel secure when your doctor enters the operating room and tells you, “I’m from the government.  I’m here to help.”  Hopefully, you can understand the language used.

Twenty percent of our doctors currently come from foreign countries and there is a predicted shortage of doctors in our future but never fear – government insurance schemes will provide succor and it will only cost a couple TRILLION dollars.  Of course, we may have to deal with the government directing our lifestyles in order to keep premiums low and profits, um, manageable. Drinking soft drinks and eating meat may become as unhealthy as owning guns.  Government mandated bicycles could replace electric cars and who would want to go to school for 14 years to become a low paid doctor employed by the government?  A small increase in taxes, perhaps an extra TRILLION, might cover the expense but don’t worry, we can always raise taxes.

Now may we discuss subsidizing the providers instead of subsidizing insurance companies run for profit and controlled by government bureaucrats?