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Crystals of Empire

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Crystals of Empire is an epic fantasy.

The Witch’s Journal – book five in the Crystals of Empire series is now available on Amazon.




The Crystals of Empire is a fantasy series centered in the world of Starn which has a technology base that lies somewhere between our Roman Empire and Renaissance periods but without the introduction of gunpowder. A science involving crystals created by Tyrus Hammersvold offers the only ‘magical’ component and he jealously guards its use and creation.

The Crystals:

Imagine creating a crystal that could heal any illness after being turned ‘on’ by the use of a tuning fork. What would you do with such power? The charged crystal can heal any anomaly on any life form if it is applied before the body heals itself – say an eye injury that heals but leaves a person sightless. But even such blindness could be ‘cured’ by surgically removing the injured part and replacing it with a similar part from a donor.   An arm or leg can also be replaced in such a manner.

Tyrus has three crystals. The red one is a surgical marvel that cuts with amazing precision. Removing a limb with a red crystal is easy, clean, and can be performed with limited bloodletting.

The green crystal restores health and will ‘attach’ body components to functionally fit together. When the green crystal loses its charge it turns brown and will absorb the life form of its next application. ‘Charging’ a green crystal has a price – it sucks in the entire life force from any living subject. The process leaves a dead shriveled hulk in its wake. No one has volunteered to provide what Tyrus calls Eternal Service and his ‘charging’ of crystals is usually kept a dark secret performed upon victims that include animals. Once the crystal turns green, however, it disseminates its ‘power’ in a healing manner that makes the subject whole. For small applications one charged crystal could heal many cuts, cure many sicknesses, append a few limbs, or restore several life threatening injuries.

The green crystals have another attribute that Tyrus uses to create creatures. Every time a green crystal is used upon a living creature it applies some of the ‘qualities’ of the life force used to charge the crystal. Say for example, Tyrus uses a pig to charge a crystal. The recipient is healed and inculcated with some of the pig’s qualities. Tyrus has made many experiments and has even imbued bears with human qualities along with a mix of other creatures. The attributes are then passed to progeny and a divergent species can be created by incorporating characteristics taken from various creatures and applied to create new life forms.  It is a long and tedious process.

But the third crystal is white and white crystals restore youth. Tyrus has lived for hundreds of years. He has the time to experiment, enhance, and codify his desires upon subjects both willing and reluctant.

Tyrus sees himself as above all men and believes his wisdom and enlightenment should rule the world of Starn. But he also sees rulers as temporary fixtures that rise and fall with the vagaries of their constituents. Aristocrats are replaced by invading armies, changing alliances, or even the rising up of disgruntled peasants.  Tyrus wants control and discards the role of aristocrat as a means. He compares a ruling class to swine herders who must listen and respond to the squeals and grunts of subjects and considers it more efficient to control the world by reigning over the ruling class.   He forms a religion, The Temple of Kaal, to provide a controlling influence that has grown over the ages. The Temple provides ‘cures’ for the afflicted and preaches an insidious influence of distrust for anyone worshipping Dun under the auspices that the healing provided by Kaal demonstrate a righteousness unavailable to Dun adherents.

Rulers have primary access to the incredible healing arts of the Temple of Kaal. Of course anyone willing to ‘pay’ also has such access. The payment demanded may not always be requested in coin. The Temple may ‘ask’ for a favor such as a new law, decree, or a favorable ruling. What would one pay to restore a loved one’s sight or limb?

The Temple thrives on conflict. Orphans are gladly incorporated into free schools where the children are indoctrinated in Temple beliefs – indeed the Temple will provide free schooling for any subject. Likely candidates become part of Tyrus’s hierarchy and his base grows over time as only his captains are allowed to apply his provided crystals – and they are shown how they can live forever. Recalcitrant orphans provide Eternal Service.

The only religion that can compete with the Temple of Kaal is the worshippers of Dun who represent a monotheistic and mystical view of an overreaching principle they refer to as Dun. Dun worshippers are not interested in writing laws or indoctrinating people by teaching them what to think but they do teach subjects on learning how to think. Medicine and the healing arts using herbs, science, and the laying of hands are taught in Dun conclaves. They also provide instruction in engineering and physics and in that area they compete with Temple instruction and innovation.

The Clousen and humans comprise the primary races that inhabit Starn. Clousen have six fingers, toes, various shades of reddish hair, very dark eyes and generally resemble humans in all other aspects. They have married humans and produced offspring. Starn is also inhabited the Bragetti, who primarily live in wilderness areas unfrequented by humans and Clousen.

Tyrus created the Bragetti as a backup force that could be used to support the Temple side of a conflict introduced by his manipulations of the ruling class. The Bragetti have their own culture, long deer like ears, and bodies covered in a fine hair that, at a short distance, would resemble a person wearing tights. The Bragetti also commingle with humans but have been ‘taught’ that Clousen eat Bragetti. Temple propaganda has led to conflicts between Clousen and Bragetti that have lasted over a hundred years.

Creating the Bragetti, however, causes the Cosmic Order of the Universe to take notice and provide corrective influences that include the birth of Kazi Boku. His upbringing in a farming community instills honesty, integrity, and perseverance in his character.  The home village of NewPo is attacked by Temple marauders and he escapes to Barta where he learns martial arts, Dun principals, and receives a higher education.

The Crystals of Power treatise follows Kazi’s efforts in trying to renew his life and establish the village of Angus Town. The Dun conclave in Barta is attacked by Temple assassins seeking the recovery of crystals found by Kazi in the wilderness.

           Angus Town describes the Bragetti attack on the new settlement.

After the battle for Angus Town is resolved Kazi is banished into the northern forest on a mission demanded by the Duke. He falls in love with a Bragetti Woman in the northern forest.

           The Witch’s Journal is written by Tyrus’ mother. The contents describe his horrific experiments, the creation of creatures, hatred of Clousen, and development of his crystals.

But wait! There is more in the works.

The future installment will be The Vissing Defense.


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January 31, 2017 at 4:05 am

Walking Dead Review 14 Feb 2016

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Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are peacefully toodling down the road in their newly acquired fuel truck when a group of well armed Negan motorcycle riders stop them. The riders see an opportunity to exercise a redistribution of wealth. Their leader typically taunts the disarmed trio. He intends to kill them while they are helpless and take their stuff but he mistakenly sends one of his thugs to escort Daryl to the rear of the truck in order to locate all objects of value. Daryl returns sans escort, and blows up the entire ensemble with an unregistered rocket launcher. Daryl fires the opening shot of this violent and quite satisfying episode.
Back in Alexandria, Rick smears zombie crud on everyone so they can walk to safety through the horde now populating the village. They hold hands in a chain and wade through the horde without skipping or talking but the move is so successful Rick decides to lead them to vehicles that would allow them to herd the horde out of the village. The preacher volunteers to take the baby to safety. Sam pleads to go along with the group and his mommy acquiesces. The group snakes through the horde holding hands until Sam realizes that he is surrounded by monsters. He freezes, panics, and probably soils himself. The walkers notice him and begin feeding. His mother becomes upset, waves one hand, and screams, (can’t tell if she stomps her feet), but the walkers notice Jessie as well and she joins the smorgasbord as an entree. Unfortunately, she does not release Carl’s hand while being eaten alive by walkers and Rick has to chop it off in order to save his son. Carl trips and his pistol falls out of his cheap holster. Ron retrieves the weapon and decides to shoot Rick. Michonne stabs Ron but his weapon discharges, hitting Carl in the eye. Good riddance to that entre gene pool.
The wolf that kidnapped Doctor Denise gets bitten while pushing her towards an escape route. She offers to save him if they can return to the infirmary. Denise makes it safely but the wolf is put to rest by Carol who fires two well placed shots from a balcony.
Maggie has been trapped all day in a shifting tower being assailed by zombies and Glenn asks Enid for help in getting Maggie off the platform. Glenn rushes into the night in order to distract the horde, shooting many and setting himself up for martyr hood. He is up against the fence – back to the wall and surrounded by zombies when… Just in the nick of time – Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha arrive to spray the area with automatic weapon fire. Amazingly, none of the bullets, fired into the darkness, hit Glenn.
Rick carries Carl to the infirmary. Carl looks bad. Denise begins sewing his eye and Rick becomes very upset. He leaves the building and strides into the horde of walkers smiting them left and right with his mighty hatchet. The inhabitants of the town decide to join him. It’s not a good day to be a walker. Daryl dumps fuel into a pond and sets it on fire. The walkers get burned, stabbed, chopped, shot, and crushed. The morning dawns with a huge number of bodies littering Alexandria streets. Rick sits by the bed of his wounded son holding his hand. Carl’s hand lightly closes upon his father’s. Can’t wait for Carl to say, “Arrrr.”

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February 15, 2016 at 6:15 pm

Predictions of Our Future

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Cars? Who needs a car when ‘Transportation on Demand’ will furnish a conveyance upon a customer call? Pods will carry individuals to and from wherever they desire on elevated tracks that require no roads, drivers, stop signs, or traffic police. Cheap, efficient, clean, and safe, these pods will replace public and private transportation. (I even furnished a design for this prediction).

Compressed air will replace magazines of cartridge ammunition. The new magazines will each carry about a hundred projectiles as well as the means to establish a ‘charge’ that will suffice for the amount of ammo in the container. This weapon will remain in use until nano technology allows new batteries capable of powering a rail gun. Personal armor will become a major factor in future combats.

Future movies will have surround sound for individuals regardless of where they sit. Only new movies created with the new sound system will provide the sensory inputs but sound will become a much larger component in entertainment enhancements. For example: Each member of an audience will be able to hear the whistle of bullet flying by their left ear.

Any day now, someone of importance will figure out that literate people with a desire to learn can. This discovery will upset the entire economics of our education system. Mentoring relationships will become more valued and expertise will become more important than credentials. Opportunities will become available to anyone demonstrating a sincere desire to gain skills giving them the capability to produce. The resulting boost in technology breakthroughs will rocket our culture to levels only dreamed of in science fiction. The disparity of education between the poor and the wealthy will finally disappear.

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December 6, 2014 at 3:01 am

A Cure for the Pollution of our Planet

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For thousands of years, humans have been making bread, raising livestock, and using fire to cook food.  Suddenly, our culture has raised issues that tell us wheat is not good for consumption and killing livestock for meat is cruel and inhumane.  Even the fire used to cook food is under attack as global warming advocates tell us that carbon dioxide is killing the planet.

There was a thought that raising animals for dairy and eggs might be acceptable but the farm animals often consume GMO grains and are immunized with drugs that are transferred to the food, by which we poison ourselves through inordinate consumption.  Grass fed bovines may be a healthier choice but they also contribute massive amounts of greenhouse gasses that overheat the earth.

Our culture has determined that our food production and consumption is not only destructive to ourselves but our gluttonous habits also damage the entire planet.

Obviously, the best thing for our world would be to reduce its human occupation.  It stands to reason that homosexuality should be commended as the first step towards diminishing world population.

Another praiseworthy endeavor might be the initiation of a program using a Soylent Green methodology of food production that utilizes the remains of any recalcitrant, who, prior to imprisonment, had to consume numerous resources while contributing to global warming.  Why waste the largess of, what I assume, would become the first  PETA approved meat harvest?  Planting bodies in cemeteries or, even worse, cremating good food using energy that adds to global warming is just plain wasteful.  We can trust our government to ensure that care would be taken by hungry jurors to ensure minor infractions, like jaywalking or returning imprecise change, do not incur a death penalty lest the population be so reduced we would be unable to extinguish naturally occurring forest fires and other potentially polluting disasters.

A bright and shining beacon of hope and change can be identified by the seemingly  unconscious tide of planet empathy that supports the plethora of zombie fiction that currently dominates our entertainment.  Zombies are a twofer.  They stop using fire and they eat humans.  What could be better for the advocates of a kinder, more progressive population?  The development of a viral strain that produces zombie like behavior would definitely be a proactive enterprise worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

Explanation of the Butterfly Effect

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The prologue in fourth book of  The Crystals of Empire series, “Bragetti Woman” has an explanation of the butterfly effect.

Every object in space is surrounded by a globe of influence.    This is true for the smallest orbiting speck of dust and the largest sun. Solar Systems, in turn, have their larger globes of influence as do Galaxies.  This invisible globe intersects with the spheres of other entities and the influence of one globe may be shared with another.            Surprisingly, it only requires a small nudge of energy for a travelling object to change its orbit from one body to another as long as the nudge is in a place where the globes intersect with the orbit plane of the traveler,(whose path intersects both globes of influence).   One small push at the proper place can change the object’s orbit and what once orbited planet ‘A’ now orbits planet ‘B’.

            The cosmos could be viewed as clusters of bubbles that are intersected by the paths of the all the orbiting globes of all existing entities.

            It should be no surprise that each living thing is also surrounded by such a globe.  An individual’s sphere is embellished by the influence of families and tribes which, in turn, will eventually supplement the sphere that encompasses entire civilizations.   The influences and relationships of the cosmos is defined by the myriad paths, orbits, and intersections that impact upon the path of the individual and although all these variables are mathematically precise, they are still subject to the constant and recursive changing forces and orbits of other individuals.  Thus, even the flight of a butterfly may impact the orbit of an entity whose change, in turn, affects the spheres of adjacent globes and their adjoining members, eventually resulting in a wave of magnified energy which can rise asymptotically in power and perceived manifestation.

             All these things would be calculated in the distant future but the inhabitants of Starn would only discover the invisible influence of gravity and, not understanding or accepting the infinitely recursive influence of the other invisible forces, they would continue to rely on the interpretations of savants playing with cards and crystal balls.

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