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Kazi Boku – Book One of the Crystals of Empire series

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Kazi Boku begins the chronicles of a young man charged by The Laws of the Universe to correct the disharmony of evolution created by Tyrus Hammerstaid, The High Seer of the Temple of Kaal.

Kazi is unaware the Cosmic has pitted him against Tyrus, an immortal who wields religion like a weapon. The populace already seeks the favor of the Temple of Kaal, which has the ability to heal any illness, restore sight, and even replace lost limbs – for a price. What father would not grant a small favor or sympathetic judgment for the return of a limb or restoration of sight? Everything is going Tyrus’ way but for this irritating farmer, Kazi Boku, who could expose his plans and the true nature of the Temple of Kaal.

Kazi must survive the attacks of mercenaries and assassins in order to identify his enemies and expose the true nature of the Temple of Kaal before Tyrus unleashes a devastating war designed to elevate himself to Tyrus Khan, ruler of the world. Only Kazi’s upbringing, in a frontier wilderness, can prepare him for a path determined by destiny but ruled by character.


Written by poyhonen

February 16, 2015 at 8:44 pm

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