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Crystals of Power – Book two of the Crystals of Empire series

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The Crystals of Power can heal any illness or transplant any body part but they must be charged by a life force. Unfortunately the life of the entity used to charge the crystal is forfeit but some characteristics of that creature are transferred to whomever the crystal is used upon. Heal a man using a crystal charged with the life force of a bear and get unexpected results. Tyrus has created new life forms by employing combinations of crystals charged by many different creatures. He can attach a paw to a human arm or transfer qualities from one creature to modify another. Some of his creations are monstrosities, others, like the Bragetti Long Ears, are heavily modified humans he plans to use as an army.
Tyrus has lived a long life using crystals and his plans are accomplished over decades of time. The High One rewards his captains for their many malicious accomplishments but he is not yet ready to unleash his hoard. The Bragetti army needs testing and Boku still needs to be eliminated. Destroying the Dun Conclave in Barta is only the beginning.


Written by poyhonen

February 16, 2015 at 9:26 pm

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