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It is sad and frustrating to see so many suffering from Relitls syndrome and not being capable of offering some relief to the mob mentality embracing groupthink.

Many enjoy bathing in hypocrisy. Looking in a mirror only serves to augment the echo chamber of hatred relished and preached by the indoctrinated. The reflection of obvious misinformation fertilizes calumny and creates a quagmire that spawns creative fanatics to spew evermore-malicious propaganda.

The mob condemns truth and decries all opposing views. Their minions label all disagreements as lies, while simultaneously painting themselves with deception. They offer violence and physical confrontation to any who might propose an alternative to hate.

Political sycophants believe everyone should accept their offerings of destruction. They willingly wear the chains offered by ideologues who only desire prestige and power. Blinded by rage and inspired by gossip, the mob chooses to support the ascendancy of deceivers.

Our mob examines past dictators and proclaims, “That could never happen here,” all the while supporting its creation.

They are missing an opportunity to remove corruption from a political system controlled by money. They empower a justice system ruled by overlords who are above the laws they enforce upon citizens duped into placing an elitist society of prevaricators into power.

Telling the indoctrinated to read history only insults them as they retreat into a group think echo chamber where fanatics disparage free thought. Suggesting they make an effort to think is met with hateful condemnation as their leaders graciously provide all thinking and subjugate their subjects using the propaganda of hostility, prejudice, and smug superiority. One can only watch the brainwashed throng behave like hooked fish, who accept the bait for dinner without knowing they comprise the banquet.



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Why do many politicians promise the world but fail to deliver on the pledges made during their campaign?

The answer is Money.

If that seems too easy an answer, consider the amount of money required to make advertisements, commercials, mail brochures, and pay staff costs, not to exclude the expenses of travel just to campaign across an election domain. Where does all that funding come from? People and businesses provide money, paying politicians to prioritize their interests. The amounts input by individual voters are insufficient to fund an election or reelection. Interested parties provide the funds used to support the election of our politicians. Where billions of dollars purchase the top politician, significantly less is required for lower level members. Most politicians are not wealthy enough to fund themselves and remain incorruptible.

Are they all so corrupt? No, but our system is exploitive, and elections are unavailable to anyone not sufficiently funded.

The government assigns committees and staffs them with your elected Senators and Congressmen. Committees oversee our government bureaucracy. Committees accomplish bills and legislation.

How does your representative join a committee? They must pay for membership.  Representatives beg lobbyists for donations. Some representatives spend half their ‘working’ day calling donors and asking for donations to their party. Superlative funding allows membership on relevant committees. Poor financing relegates individuals to less critical committee membership.

The party funds the campaigns for other representatives and provides rules for instigating primaries while ensuring our two-party system remains an influential arbiter that competitively limits representation to well-funded entities. Competing against any political party is expensive and fraught with failure. The advertising and organizational apparatus brought to bear against a non-party affiliated wannabe are formidable.

The money providers get what they pay for. Politicians are rewarded with power, reelection, and high paying jobs after they leave office. Not all politicians are the servants of wealthy donating factions. However, some, disheartened by our system, quit. Individuals available for purchase, replace them. Think about this when demanding term limits.

A few representatives, after having long-term successes in governing positions, gain notoriety and acceptance that allows them to effect party directions. These few can go against the grain of lobbyists, as they no longer need the money for reelection campaigns. Voters can replace dollars if they are famous and voter turnout ensures their elections, regardless of the money spent against their campaigns. Of course, they must remain connected to the political establishment or suffer the assault of a controlled media.

The elite establishment, at this juncture, is not party affiliated. It is the swamp. Party membership only gives access, allowing individual members to join the swamp, where all members relish the prestige and power provided by dollars. In this environment, even differing party members affiliate with the truly rich and powerful.

The paid-for politicians, parties, and lobbyists direct the country’s laws and, perhaps more importantly, hire bureaucrats and appoint judges. Sycophants populate the halls of government.  Only Committee members funded by lobbyists are allowed to provide voter representation. If your representative does not keep a promise, it is often because his commitment is not adequately funded to make said official a member of a powerful reigning committee. The few, very few, power brokers leading our democracy do not support legislation from non-paying members who may vote their election promises.

For a party politician to represent voters, he must first become a well-funded member of Congress, or so powerful, in terms of voter support, that his representation cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, few become that powerful. To perform good deeds, they must accede to corruption. The temptations are enormous. Many, no doubt, feel they continue to play the game in the hope of doing ‘good.’ Only occasionally, do they succeed.

Is it no wonder then, that certain politicians become wealthy while in office? Why would anyone in government question a fellow bureaucrat’s motives for collecting vast sums of money in return for access to government laws and services when most politicians are performing the same activity on a daily basis?

The power provided by government institutions to purchased politicians, judges, and bureaucrats is enormous. The level of privilege and authority sorely tempts the morality and ethics of individuals inhabiting a swamp filled with elite creatures.  People grow used to having and using tremendous power. Powerful and wealthy forces direct the representatives of our government. They bring destruction against those who oppose them. They direct our media, academia, and social networks. Given the opportunity, they also direct you.

Written by poyhonen

July 2, 2018 at 11:05 am

Senator Hubris Attends a Meeting of Elites

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Two armed guards waved Senator Hubris into the interior of the tall office building after ensuring he traveled without any electronic gear. One directed him around a winding hallway and opened a door labeled, Janitorial Supplies.

Hubris stood at the opening and stared at the guard, “What do you want here?” he asked.

“It’s an elevator,” the guard smiled, pulling a black bag from a pocket. “You have to wear this.”

“If this is an elevator why do I need the blindfold?” Hubris demanded.

“I dunno,” the burly guard shook his head. “I guess they don’t want you to see how far down you are going.”

“I’ve had a lot of experience, but this is the first time I’ve been here,” Hubris pulled the bag over his head and entered the closet.

“The first time is always memorable, Senator. When the room stops, exit left. You will find an open door to your conference room.”

Hubris left the room after hearing the whoosh of the supply door automatically open. He stumbled left, keeping his hand on the wall, and fortunately removed the bag just before falling down a steep stairway leading to a door. The sound of familiar voices encouraged him down the stairs and into the room. The concrete door robotically closed behind him with a rattle and click of locks.

“Welcome, Senator!” a group of people greeted him with smiles. Hubris recognized fellow politicians, several prominent newscasters, but most of the standing crowd consisted of strangers.

“Hi?” Hubris smiled back with an extended hand.

“Oh, no names here,” a stranger advised. “We only use titles and pseudonyms. Have a seat Senator. Our meeting will start now. I am the Director.”

The familiar looking Director pointed Hubris to a seat located midway along a long conference table.

“Our meetings are informal,” the director stood at one end of the slab. “If you have something to say, just speak up and be polite. Do you have any questions before we begin, Senator?”

Two men and a women shook their heads, but Hubris wondered aloud, “I felt some jerking in the elevator before I got off. It was as if I took some kind of carnival ride, where are we, anyway?”

“We are at the lowest level of our party affiliate’s conferences,” the director answered seriously. “This is the top of our hierarchy and the pinnacle meeting place for our members.”

“Pedophiles meet in locations way above this place,” a helpful woman offered an explanation.

“This room isn’t that far beneath them,” a frowning man opined.

“So it’s a classified location,” Hubris huffed understanding. “Will … She … be coming?”

“No, no,” the director shook his head, “only people capable of ‘pushing the spear,’ so to speak, are invited to these gatherings. The leading politicians controlling the transformation are advised by our efforts but only attend by proxy.”

“They are meeting above this location and have a prior commitment,” a woman on the other side of the table winked while raising a small rag doll from her lap.”

“Let’s get to business, then,” the Director spoke with authority. “We are here to discuss the disparagement of the President.”

“I do that every day,” Hubris mumbled.

“We do too …,” two news figures agreed. A murmuring of agreement reverberated in the room. Hubris was surprised at how his quiet mumble echoed in the specially designed chamber.

“We need more imagination, dammit,” the director took a seat and glared at the members.

“We are paying hundreds of investigators …” a news figure began.

“We don’t need actual facts!” a stout man interrupted her. “We make up facts and report them with alacrity.”

“Yeah, pull your head out,” a thin older man, who appeared to be napping, suddenly became vibrant. His beady eyes flayed the news celebrity.

“I can safely report he absolutely shit himself!” a member offered.  The room quietly focused on his words.

“Furthermore, you can report he made a woman clean up his mess.”

“That sounds delightful!” the celebrity clapped.

“Do you have a time period for this activity?”

“Can we create reliable witnesses?”

“This is even better than watching other people urinate!”


“Well …,” the man hedged. “This would have occurred about seventy-two years ago. Most of the antecedents involved are dead.”

“Still works. I can produce a diary,” a well-groomed man nodded.

“It is a very believable accusation,” a woman responded. “It sounds even better than grabbing body parts.”

“I could produce a recording of the act in progress,” another man offered.

“Yeah, much better than the private bus recording,” the man sitting next to Hubris spoke. “What kind of real man would ever touch a woman there?”

“My father wouldn’t do it!” another member offered his agreement.

“It’s not so bad,” a balding man replied, “I do it all the time.”

“Shit, you’re a gynecologist,” the Director shook his head.

“Yeah, you get paid to do it,” a celebrity added.

A news celebrity looked confused and pointed at the doctor, “Why does he hate women?”

“You are thinking of a misogynist,” the doll-woman educated him. “Misogynists hate women, gynecologists inspect them.”

“Oh,” the news anchorman sat back, retaining his perplexed visage.

“Do we have time to make sure the internet search engines return our articles and ignore opposing dissertations and actual facts?” the director made a general inquiry to the group.

“No problem,” a member piped, “We have an algorithm already built. We use it all the time. Most people never find opposing information.”

“Paying off the fact checkers is becoming expensive,” the older man made an observation. “Also, some of our university propagandists are wanting more power and money.”

“Ha, if they stop playing along now their hypocrisy will be openly demonstrated,” Hubris enjoined. “They have no choice.”

The older man shook his head and rubbed his chin, “They have no problems with being exposed as hypocrites. They have been dissemblers for decades and still inculcate students with our misinformation. They know they serve as the first line of indoctrination and want a more aristocratic status. We need them to keep millennials uninformed, and they know it. I find their greed admirable.”

“We have already raised the costs of schooling,” a woman responded. “The debt of indoctrination is about as high as we can expect.”

“You mean education, don’t you?” the news anchor asked.

“The same thing,” came the response. “Employers already require a degree to operate a copy machine. If we demand more, it may become obvious.”

The entire room laughed for several minutes.

“Our advice will be to raise the rates and give our teachers another raise,” the Director made a statement of finality. The room nodded agreement.

“We could request additional instructions endorsing more aggressive actions to opposing ideas in the Universities,” Hubris suggested.

“Good idea!” a man agreed, “More violence will justify the building of more safe places and crying rooms.”

“More info is coming out, and we need accusations to offset the exposure of activities performed by our FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ members. We need more interruptions to the news cycle.”

“Persecution of North Korea leadership might work.”

“How dare our President try to dictate how a leader defends his country.”

“Good idea!”

“Well, we do like their model of control.”

“We are trying to duplicate the North Korea example, but we are a long way from success.”

“Damn gun owners.”

The old man smiled with his lips, “We are closer than you think.”

“Let’s go with defending North Korea,” the comment received nods around the table.

“If the president succeeds at negotiating peace, we can disparage capitalism and colonialism and define them as mitigating factors.”

“Yeah, win-win, no matter how it goes.”

“OK,” the Director summed up the meeting, “We’ve got defending North Korea, with higher indoctrination costs, and shitty pants­–anything else?”

“Let’s demand the elimination of prisons,” a woman suggested. “We can directly oppose and ridicule the Presidents illegitimate desire for law and order.”

“Prisons separate children from their parents.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen my father in years,” the news anchor nodded his appreciation of the scheme.

“We need to protect the children and the destruction of families caused by the racist, homophobic, misogynist, fascists who put fathers in jails. We should eliminate prisons and jails. Freeing all those poor fathers falsely accused of harming the white public will garner lots of votes.”

I only have one question concerning this delightful concept,” a younger member raised his hand.

“Yes,” the director waited for the question.

“If we delete the prisons, where will we put all the conservatives after we take power?”

“You haven’t seen the details of the North Korea example, have you?” the Director provided a rhetorical response.

The meeting ended with a unanimous endorsement of the four suggestions.

Written by poyhonen

June 19, 2018 at 6:31 pm

What has Trump really done for American citizens?

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Putting foreign policy aside, one can view his accomplishments as minimal. The only achievement he has beyond reducing taxes is obeying the constitution and attempting to apply laws made by Congress.

He has not provided universal healthcare for every citizen.  Congress ignores term limits, and veterans still die while waiting for the bureaucracy to provide support.  The national budget has reached new highs in uncontrolled and wasteful spending. Drugs pour into the country, and thousands die from drug-induced overdoses. Our border is porous.

He did not create jobs but did help provide an environment for American businesses to flourish. He may have made it easier for companies to provide employment and wage increases by easing the Federal heel off the necks of entrepreneurs. I guess that could be termed an achievement but most of the regulations discarded were dropped impending rules and Obama dictates, not existing regulations which often require legislation to remove. (Note- there are over 185,000 pages of current regulations). Government regulations and accompanying suits by detractors can delay projects.  For example, during a five-year drought, intrepid California explorers discovered a large body of water just west of the state. They decided to build a desalinization plant. Twenty-two years later the plant became operational.

To provide a comparison: It took eight years for the Apollo program to land a man on the moon, (but they did not perform an environmental impact study). Also, consider, the Panama Canal took ten years to complete.

Trump has produced one clear accomplishment that required no legislation. His election exposed the swampy nature of our government, to include the rabid indoctrination of our populace by the mainstream media, academia, politicians, and social network disseminators of misinformation, propaganda, and anti-American sentiment.

Otherwise, respectful and educated but indoctrinated people decry almost everything he says as a lie – not a mistake, misinterpretation, exaggeration or even a different view, but deliberate deception. To be honest, some of his statements are obviously an exaggeration, others may be attributed to mistakes, or even political expediency and hubris, but deliberately misleading the public requires a special effort eagerly performed by media reports generated to elicit hate. Consider what is broadcast as lies:

Reporting a sixty-four percent reduction in illegal immigration when he was the president for only eleven days during the measured month is counted as a blatant lie by the indoctrinated, but the monthly reduction happens to be accurate.

All-time low relationship with Russia is reported as another deliberate lie because he did not consider the cold war as a lower point.

Hillary Clinton guilty of every charge in regards to her private email scandal is also reported as a flagrant lie because the FBI found her not guilty.

The last item exposes the massively corrupt nature of the bureaucratic swamp.  Trump’s election helped expose the illegal activities of the Clinton operation to include the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One operation as well as email obstruction of justice and security breaches.

Who would know an existing administration applied FISA warrants against American citizen political opponents strictly for political purposes?  The employment of powerful government agencies against political adversaries should worry all citizens but then – Lois Lerner likely influenced an election by targeting conservative donors and she obtained a nice pension as a result. The indoctrinated may applaud her efforts.

DNC rigging of an election would never have been reported.  Clinton control of the DNC would also remain unreported and as uninvestigated as the DNC servers that leaked Podesta emails.

Would anyone pay attention to the reports of State department bribes received for influence? Remember Benghazi? Fifty analysts reported the Obama administration watered down Islamic State intelligence to suit White House spin.

It comes as no surprise to note the media helped and is still actively supporting corruption and misinformation. After all, they ‘overlooked’ criminal activity during an election.

The list of government dishonesty and actual, deliberate, lies by Democrats is too long to provide in a short dissertation that would have to include Republicans.  The opportunity to know about many of our government deceptions and abuses would have never become apparent if Trump had not been elected, and that is no exaggeration, mistake, or misinterpretation of facts.

So?  What has Trump done concerning this exposure?  Not much.

Exposure may actually be an accident compiled by an overabundance of corruption and eagerness to provide misinformation. Only the American Justice System may correct this problem, and Trump has offered no leadership in that area.

Both political parties have looked the same for years, and they now emerge even more closely aligned to ensure a successful cover-up. The massive numbers of indoctrinated people feeding off propaganda for years seem content to support the politics of character assassination while allowing the American people to suffer a justice system controlled by political self-aggrandizement. They even encourage a remote judge’s rendition of national foreign policy over constitutionally elected representatives and laws. They endorse racist separatists and decry free speech, all the while proclaiming you are racist if you disagree.

Honest journalists seem challenging to find. Honest special councils are extinct. Hate speech fills our media, and anti-American history and sentiment are taught in our schools. Hate has never been a solution in the past. Hate, however, remains the primary offering of the disillusioned who seek to indoctrinate all citizens with a propaganda that offers no solutions, integrity, or honest discourse.

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May 11, 2018 at 12:43 am

Our Version of History

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The microscopic view of history is often made using a telescope viewing the past with a focus distorted by currently existing precepts.

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April 4, 2018 at 9:40 pm

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What Happened to GE?

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My opinion on business is strictly mine so take the following derived by a perspective from someone far from the crowd of ‘educated’ business elites.

What happened to GE?   Jack Welch happened.  Jeff Immelt took the reins after CEO Welch left.  He cannot be blamed for following his mentor’s lead and a selected replacement is usually a clone of the leader doing the choosing.

CEO’s beat the GE horse to pull profits for years and management who did not consider what makes for a long-term successful business paradigm.  The elite model holds management responsible for profits and rewards them accordingly.

To be short, a GE employee informed me about a briefing held by Jack Welch where he informed employees that his obligation to them ended on Friday, (payday for the week).

To me, it would only be a matter of time for such an entity to achieve failure.  Management should take care of and value employees.  Rewarding the people who actually do the work, make the innovations, and build the products can be a superior business model.  Without them, there are no profits.  Treating workers as an expense is a business model of the elite that demeans free markets and capitalist ideals.

GE certainly took care of their CEOs.  Jeff Immelt’s pay fell 35% to a mere $21.3 million in 2016 compensation, (per Bloomberg).  The elites are often rewarded for failure.

Unfortunately, many corporations’ management policies focus on stockholder’s profits.  Should highly compensated CEOs only consider stockholder’s profits?   Could they be wrong?  Is this business model inferior?  Perhaps management’s efforts should lean towards leading and caring for the employees who, in turn, actually do the work and make the profits for stockholders.

Democrat’s Against Our Republic

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I am neither a Democrat nor Republican but I cannot vote for any Democrat today.

Some time, in our past, Democrats lynched people based on color and some Republicans, a new party, loudly protested.  No Democrats spoke up against the atrocities perpetuated against other human beings.  Their silent abandonment of ethics and compassion resulted in the costliest conflict of our history, (in terms of lives lost).  Democrats chose to divide the country.

Today, criminals destroy subpoenaed information lawfully requested by elected officials, and the Democrats are again silent.  Their silence condones the illegal acts of prominent … Democrats.  Democrats are campaigning to divide our nation.  They support the inequality of the elite where the laws of our country are not applicable to themselves or privileged followers.  The elites seek to own the rules.  They purchase justice on a block at auction to the highest bidder.  Yes, there are republicans who make purchases as well but some … perhaps too few, speak out against the atrocities performed against each citizen, while the Democrat politicians offer only silence.  The spreading of false information, deceptive innuendos, preposterous accusations and allegations, are all silently approved by the applause of Democrat crickets in some distant forest.   A divisive coup acquires billions of stolen taxpayer dollars, used to line the wealth of corrupt politicians, but again, there is no outrage from the Democrats – only silence.  Their outrage and uproar are only expended as an investment in divisive rhetoric, often promulgated on lies, misinformation, and deceptive propaganda.

So, are the Republicans so much better, one may ask?  A few have spoken out.   At least some Republicans are against fascism.  Democrats endorse the State control of every citizen and business, yet proclaim themselves, anti-fascists.  They surreptitiously endorse fascists by their silence in opposing such doctrine.  Some Republicans have decried the lawlessness of Democrats but the Democrat response is to rewrite our constitution while disobeying the laws of our land.

The high moral ground, illegitimately proclaimed by Democrats, has appealed to many indoctrinated voters who accept the lies and false history told by our mainstream news organizations, national media, academics, and politicians.  In many cases, citizens are completely brainwashed into believing the concept of individual freedom, endorsed by some Republicans, is a bad ideal for our country.  Such people are silent when a Democrat lies under oath.  They condone the dissemination of false information.  They abhor honest discourse and free speech.  They have never read or understood, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, or Animal Farm, by George Orwell.  They will vote for the Democrat inspired destruction of our nation.

I will only vote to preserve the Union.